Draft-Legal European GB Qualifier

In association with Pronto Bikes


We are delighted to announce that the Total Guide Chilly 'Draft-Legal' Duathlon, in association with Pronto Bikes, at the famous Castle Combe race circuit, will host the Great Britain Duathlon Age Group European Sprint Qualifiers. Safe, traffic-free, duathlon racing at it's best, suitable for beginners and experienced competitors alike. Wide, smooth, tarmac closed roads to cycle on and a flat, predominantly on-road run route.

Total Guide Chilly 'Draft-Legal' Duathlon

The event starts with a 5k run, then heads out for 7 laps of the circuit on the bike totalling 21k, before finishing with a final 3k run around the race track perimeter

Race Distance

Duathlon: 5k run, 21k bike (seven race circuit laps) , 3k run (one perimeter lap)

Race Routes

Run 1 - a fast, accurate 5k on the tarmac surface of the race circuit (approximately 1.5 laps)

Bike (7 Laps) - Please click HERE

Run 2 - Please click HERE (predominantly tarmac and hardstanding with small sections of grass)

Race Start

Provisional start times:
08:00 - Wave 1
09:30 - Wave 2

Waves are based on estimated finish times. You can not request a wave to be in.

Race Entry

Online entry price :

BTF Member - £50.00
Non BTF Member - £58.00

NB: TheTotal Guide Chilly 'Draft-Legal' Duathlon is a Great Britain 2025 European Championships Duathlon Age Group Qualifier. This race is open to all athletes, however if you wish to qualify for the Great Britain Age group team, you must ensure that you register your intent to qualify with British Triathlon HERE. You must register your intention to qualify by 17:00 on the Friday before the event.

The event is draft legal, so please ensure you have read and understood the British Triathlon draft legal rules HERE. There is a brief overview of the draft legal racing rules below.

Please note, there is a cut-off for this race. You must complete the 5k run and 21k bike (so finishing the bike course) in a maximum time of 1:33:00. Everyone was through this point in less than this cut-off time in 2023.

Draft Legal Racing

As this event is a draft legal race over a sprint distance (5k, 21k, 3k), this means it will be legal to draft other riders without fear of a penalty. There are some rules you do need to be aware of though.

  1. Time Trial bikes are not permitted.
  2. Only traditional drop style handle-bars and brake levers are permitted.
  3. Clip on bars and tri-bars are not permitted.
  4. The end of both handlebars must be securely covered with end plugs (you can go to any cycle shop and they will have these for you to purchase).
  5. Wheels must have a minimum of 12 spokes. This means disc wheels are not permitted.
  6. There must be 1 brake on each wheel.
  7. Race numbers must be attached to your bike in accordance with the race organisers instructions.
  8. Drafting is forbidden off a different gender, i.e. a female is not permitted to draft a male.
  9. It is forbidden to draft off a competitor on a different lap
  10. The bike will be no more than one metre and eighty-five (185) centimetres long, and fifty (50) centimetres wide.
  11. Disc brakes are permitted.

Illegal Equipment:
Competitors must not use or wear whilst racing illegal equipment which includes, but is not limited to:
• Headphone(s), headset(s), technical earplug(s), or smart helmets which can make/receive calls and/or
provide audio;
• Glass containers;
• Mirrors;
• Bike or parts of the bike not complying with these rules;
• Water bottles if placed behind the saddle for draft-legal competitions;
• Mobile phone(s) or any other electronic listening communication device;
• Personal video recording devices.

Please also note this rule on transition:

Only one pair of running shoes may be on the floor at any time during the bike segment of the race, and must be located within the competitor's transition area. If a competitor wishes to use two pairs of shoes, the second pair is to be left in a small soft bag (this could be a plastic supermarket bag).

Please note that no towels are permitted in transition at this event.

The gender categories at this event will be as follows:
▪ Female category
▪ Open category
Only people who are female sex at birth are eligible to compete in the Female category. All individuals including transgender people are eligible to compete in the Open category.

Club Entry

If you would like to make the Total Guide Chilly 'Draft-Legal' Duathlon a club race, please contact us for more details. Please contact Will on 01225 632 103 or will@dbmax.co.uk to register your interest.

Race Information

Registration & Briefing Times

Registration is from 6.45am onwards. Please ensure you bring photo I.D to registration.

Marshals and Volunteers

To successfully run our events we require the help and support of Marshals and Volunteers. if you are able to assist at the event or have friends, family, work colleagues or enemies who may be able to help, then please contact Will on will@dbmax.co.uk. In return we offer free entries into future DB Max events…

Race Letter

The event race letter can be read on the on the following blog post

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Venue & Accommodation


Getting Here

Getting to the venue couldn’t be easier and it is only a short distance from Junction 17 of the M4. Car times from Major Cities are

London – 1 hour 30 minutes
Birmingham – 1 hour 30 minutes
Bristol – 35 minutes
Cardiff – 60 minutes
Swansea – 1 hour 45 minutes
Exeter – 1 hour 30 minutes

Local Accommodation

For details of local accommodation, please click here.


What is the minimum age to take part in a duathlon?

The minimum age to take part in a duathlon is 15 years on the day of the event?

Can I wear headphones at a duathlon?

No, hey are not permitted at any time.

Am I allowed to mark my spot in transition?

No, you are not allowed to mark your spot in transition, You must remember where your bike is. The end of each row will have the numbers in the range to help you identify where you are.

How does transition work in a duathlon?

You have your own numbered spot in transition and you leave your bike here. When you run in to transition following run 1, get to your bike and before touching it put your helmet on and do it up. Once you have done this you can un rack your bike and run/walk to bike out. At bike out there will be a mount line (this will be signed and marshalled) and get on your bike. When you have completed your bike, come back to bike in (again this will be signed) and the dismount line, get off your bike and run/walk with your bike back to your spot. Once there, rack your bike and at this point you can unclip your helmet and take it off. From here you run/walk to run out to complete run 2.

Transition will be well signed and marshalled. Please fell free to ask marshals for advice.

How do I know where to rack my bike in transition?

There will be a spot in transition just for you. This will be numbered and will correspond to the race number you receive on the day. 

Do I need to wear a bike helmet?

Yes, you must wear a helmet at all times you are in contact with your bike.

Are dogs allowed at this event?

Yes, but they must be kept on leads and any mess cleared up.

Where can I find the photo’s from the event?

All photo’s will be available to view on the results page when the photographer has finished uploading them. Please allow up to 48 hours after the event for them to be uploaded.

And Finally

We look forward to welcoming you to Castle Combe on 10th March for some Chilly fun...

The terms and conditions for the event can be read at the following URL.

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