About Us

DB Max established as an event organising company in 2006 and then added race timing services in 2008. The company has grown over the years to be one of the premier race timing and event management companies in the UK. Based in Melksham, near Bath, DB Max specialise in providing complete race solutions for event organisers along with all the expertise needed to ensure an event runs smoothly. Race timing, race pack fulfilment, online entry, event infrastructure and event management are just some of the services DB Max specialise in.

At DB Max we pride ourselves on providing the best possible comprehensive service from the point of booking to the completion of the event and beyond.

DB Max have an unrivalled reputation for making the athlete experience simply the best it can be. Our feedback score of 4.9 is testament to our event organising  prowess, along with the glowing post-event recommendations we receive from our participants. As one of the leading event delivery specialists in the South West area, DB Max have honed their skills organising high quality events suitable for all abilities over the last 16 years. 

We are passionate about hosting our running, triathlon, cycling and swimming events, some of which are now iconic within the UK event calendar.

We also deliver events for various clients including the British Army, British Universities and the Royal Navy.

If you’re looking to get active and would like your event day experience to be super-smooth from start to finish, look no further than DB Max’s fantastic race calendar.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out below what some of our participants have said about their race day experience with DB Max.


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The Team

Mary Tedaldi

Mary Tedaldi

Business and Client Manager

An experienced office manager who deals with the day-to-day running of DB Max and the administration required to do deliver the services we provide. Mary also manages the pre-race admin and data for our clients, with mass participation events as well as the data for DB Max events. Mary is also an experienced race timer who works on both our own and client events.

Jim Hart

Jim Hart

Senior Race Timer

DB Max's most experienced Race Timer with an innovative and thorough approach to race timing, built during 13 years’ experience providing results for some of the UK’s premier events. Jim is also responsible for training many of DB Max's timers over the years and introduced the whole team to the software now used to provide our live results.

Justin Peters

Justin Peters

Timing Assistant

An experienced race timer and systems manager who has worked with DB Max for over 5 years. Justin plans various aspects of the timing side of the business and is thorough and diligent in preparing the team's requirements for event days.

Will Whitmore

Will Whitmore

Director and Founder

Over 16 years’ experience in planning and timing events. Founder of DB Max, originally as a race team, before developing as a business.

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