Why you should keep training through COVID-19

With no real time-frame of when this period will end, it’s understandably hard to find the motivation or reason to train right now. However, we have a number of reasons for why we believe a level of consistent training should remain in your weekly schedule…

Get that endorphin high

We’ve all enjoyed the post-session ‘high’ and we’ve all heard the saying of how you never regret the session once its done. So now more than ever is the time to keep those feelings alive. Exercise has been proven to not only boost your mood but also help improve other areas of your life too, such as sleep, stress and that all important feel-good factor about yourself.

Remaining fit

One of the main reasons we’ve heard why motivation may have slipped is due to the fact they can no longer replicate the same level of training volume and intensity as they had done before all of this – and although this is likely to be true because of pools being closed and time restraints on how much we are allowed out etc – it does not mean that you cannot still retain a good level of fitness.

A reduction in volume and intensity will not affect the body too much for a short-period of time and fitness isn’t lost as fast as you may think. Do what you can and maximise what you are able to do – you’ll go further than you think. Time spent stressing is time wasted. Instead, focus on the smaller areas you often neglect or don’t have time for, such as strength and conditioning or stretching.

Think of the bigger picture

We all have to remember that this won’t last forever and we will be back training and racing one day soon. Just keep remembering your ‘why’ and keep your goals fixed in your mind so that you’re ready to let rip once the opportunity presents itself.

Although we have to be realistic, positive thinking goes a long way in situations like this. Reminding yourself that there is still a chance some races will go ahead later in the year and even if they don’t there will be many more seasons to come…

Keep going everyone, remember the bigger picture and why you were training before all of this went down.