Westonbirt Sprint Triathlon – Update


Just when we were getting ready for one of our most popular triathlons, the event gods have thrown us something of a curve ball.
Whilst we are super-excited about bringing you the Westonbirt Sprint Triathlon, we got some bad news earlier this week which unfortunately will affect the race format. The filtration system in the swimming pool broke down and needs to be fully replaced – a job we are told, is expected to take around a month to complete.

That really puts the kibosh on the swim section this coming Monday…
The good news is that the event will still go ahead, but in a duathlon format with the following distances:

Run 1 – 1.6k
Bike – 25k – As normal
Run 2 – 5k – As normal

Start times will be adjusted to account for the event now being a duathlon and it is expected that your start time will be between 10am and 10:45am. Access to the venue will be from 09:00 and all competitors will need to be on site from 10:05am. Your new start time along with additional information will be emailed you no later than 10pm on Wednesday. You can view the race list with start times HERE.

The race video briefing is available to watch HERE (if I mention Sunday, ignore it, the event is definitely Monday), and a video detailing the bike course is available HERE.

We understand that many of you will be frustrated by this, as are we – we have been working desperately hard throughout this pandemic to keep events going for you all and just as we’re looking towards a brighter future, we get a non-Covid kick in the teeth! In 15 years of the event, this is the year the pool’s systems break down on us…

We promise we’ll make this event a fantastic occasion, even in the unexpected duathlon format.  We really look forward to welcoming you to Westonbirt on Bank Holiday Monday.

Kind regards,

DB Max

P.S. We are looking at what we can do later in the season once the pool is fixed. We plan to put on a triathlon as soon as we can get a date confirmed. Everyone who does a duathlon instead of a triathlon on Monday, will be offered a triathlon at a duathlon price at the new event.