Turn injury into a positive!

Injured? Unable to run? This blog can show you how to turn this into a positive experience…

Being injured is never fun, and every athlete’s worst nightmare. Nobody wants to be out of action for weeks or even months on end. However, it’s part of the package and likely to occur once in a while throughout your training years so here are a few tips on how to create a positive experience from them.

The initial stages of injury suck! You feel down, restricted, annoyed, worried about loss of fitness etc. However, once you have given into these feelings and accepted the injury, this is where the magic can happen.

You see, injury enforces you to rest, and though this is something you may not want to do and find hard to accept at first, it can actually be the biggest blessing given to you. Time off and rest plays a huge role in long-term health and fitness. It allows the body to re-set and catch up.

Create use out of your injury

Ok so you can’t train like you did before, so use this additional time to gain experience and understanding of the injury itself.

Why did this injury happen?

How can you prevent this from occurring again?

Use this time to focus on the areas that you may have neglected beforehand such as strength training or nutrition.

Give that head a rest

Just like your body, your brain needs a rest too. If you are injured and find yourself with extra time that would have been used for training, use it on another aspect in your life. Break away from your usual routine and channel it into something else. This could be arranging a coffee with a friend or taking up another hobby or sport to take your mind off of the injury.

Running is a much mental as it is physical. Allowing your mind to focus on another area away from the injury can be a great thing and one which will create a positive experience for you too!

Don’t jump straight back in

If you’ve been given the go-ahead to return to running and start to ramp back up the training miles, err on the side of caution. Ease yourself back in slowly. Have patience and listen to your body. Keep that perspective firmly fixed in the front of your mind and respect the work your body has gone through in order to get you back to this point. Jumping straight back in at the pointy end of training isn’t the answer and may revert you back to square one.

The beauty of an injury is it makes you appreciate just how incredible our bodies are at rebuilding, learn from this experience and I promise you will return stronger both physically and mentally.