Titan Brecon FAQs

What are the race distances?

It is a 1.2 mile lake swim, 60 mile bike and a final 13.1 mile run

When is registration?

We encourage everyone to register on the Friday evening at Parc Bryn Bach between 17:00 and 20:30. There will be a short period of registration from 05:00 – 05:30 on the Saturday morning.

How fit do I need to be to take part?

Titan is tough, so you will need a good level of fitness to get round. The bike is manageable with the one big climb up the Iron Mountain and the run is hilly. Make sure you are prepped for the run…!

Do I need a wetsuit for the swim?

Yes you do. Even in the height of summer, the lake will only get up to approx.. 16 degrees so a wetsuit is compulsory

Is the swim multi laps or just one lap?

The swim is 2 laps of 950 metres with an Aussie exit at the end of each lap.

What is an Aussie Exit?

This is where you finish your first lap and do a short run (in this case 20 metres or so) before getting back in the water to complete your second lap. The Aussie Exit creates a great atmosphere for all competitors and allows competitors the chance to re-group, straighten up the goggles and prep for the second lap.

Is there water safety?

Yes, there is water safety and there will be lots of kayakers and paddle boarders looking out for your safety in the swim.

What happens if I get in to trouble in the swim?

You will role on to your back and place your hand in the air (the buoyancy of your wetsuit will keep you afloat). At this point a member of the water safety team will approach you and perform a rescue. You will need to listen to their instructions at all times.

What surface is transition on?

It is on tarmac, the racking is also labelled so you have your own space.

Is transition signed, I do not want to go out of the wrong exit?

Transition is fully signed and we recommend you take a few minutes before the race to familiarise yourself with the layout.

Is there somewhere to change after the swim?

Yes, there are changing tents available for all competitors.

What is the bike course like?

Hilly…! The hills do start straight-away as you head straight up on the Brecon moors. It levels out after 6 miles before a long descent down the ‘Iron Mountain’. The descent down the mountain is a no aerobar zone and this will be signed. Once at the bottom it is pretty flat through the valley and round Brecon itself. There is then an 18% ramp at 30 miles for approx. 0.5 miles before a fast descent back to Brecon and the valley. The ‘Iron Mountain’ comes at 50 miles so prep yourself for this as it is a 3.7 mile climb. It is then downhill back to the venue, except for the last 800 metres back to the Parc itself…!

I am worried about the ‘Iron Mountain’, what gearing do you recommend? What advice have you got?

The below is from our bike mechanic:
‘I have thought about this a lot and yes the climb is a monster but more than achievable for anyone. By far the biggest reason for people stopping on the climb is poor nutrition. This is easily combated by eating often. If you are on the climb and begin to think you are hungry, then it’s to late, it is going to be a struggle. My advice is to eat little and often, and use the feed station as a marker on the way back as its the ideal position to get topped up ready for the ‘Iron Mountain’.
With regards to gearing, I know of riders who have achieved it on a 11-25 cassette but I would personally recommend an 11-28 cassette on the rear and a semi compact chainset.
The mountain starts of gradually, and there are a couple of switch backs where the climb intensifies and then it’s a good pull up to the top. There are number of locations in the 2nd half of the climb, where you can pull over and rest should you require it. However, I can not stress enough how important it is to drink and eat whilst on the route, the majority of riders taken off of the hill is due to poor nutrition rather than mechanical issues’

Can I wear headphones on the bike?

Quite simply NO. This is for your safety.

Where are the aid stations on the bike?

There are 2 aid stations on the bike at 17 and 43 miles in the village of Pencelli.

What is available at the water station?

We will have sports drinks (the provider is TBC0, water, sweets, bananas and flapjacks

Can I have my own special needs food/drink at the aid station?

Yes, you can. There will be a box in transition for you to put your stuff in and this will be taken out for you. It is however, your responsibility to stop and collect your own aid when at the aid station.

Are there toilets on the bike course?

We do not provide portable toilets, but there are a number of public toilets along the stretch from Brecon to Sennybridge which are between 25 and 30 miles in.

What is the cut-off for the bike?

There are no official cutoffs, but we do expect you to be back in site of the parc by 13:00. We operate a system where we try to get everyone around the course and will always do our very best to get you to the finish.

How many laps is the run?

It is a 3 lap run.

How many aid stations are there per lap?

There are 2 official aid stations and an additional 2 water only stations. The aid stations are situated at the start of each lap and at the turn point of the run with the water stations on top of the main hill….!

What is provided at the aid stations

Water, flat coke, bananas, flapjacks, jaffa cakes, fig rolls, sweets, salted crisps and more.

Can I have my own special needs at each aid station?

Yes, you can, again there will be a box in transition to put your stuff in. We will only take it to the aid station at the start of the lap though and again you will need to stop for your stuff. In exceptional circumstances, we will take aid to the furthest point aid station.

Is there first aid?

There is first aid on the event on both the bike and the run as well as at the finish.

How tough is the run?

It starts easy, with a 2k run around the lake, then the hill start with 2 climbs per lap. Make sure you are prepped for these and fuel up at each aid station.

Where should my friends and family spectate?

We recommend the Iron Mountain for the bike as well as Deffynog hill and then anywhere in the parc for the run. We will send full details of locations in competitors information packs.

Do I get a medal?

You most certainly do, as soon as you have crossed the finish line and become a TITAN. You also get a finishers T-Shirt.

Is there message?

There is free massage provided after the event.

Is there a pre-race briefing?

Yes, we do a full briefing on Friday night in the café at the venue at 19:00 with lots of members of the team to talk too after as well. There is also a race briefing on Saturday morning at 06:40 for those who can’t make Friday night.