The February Chilly – Latest Sponsor News

The Chilly is fast approaching DB Maxers and so we’re very excited to share our latest news regarding our sponsors and partners below:


Pulsin are a local based UK company who go above and beyond to deliver highly nutritious foods that transform everyday eating occasions into health-optimising opportunities.  Each product range has been crafted and nurtured by Ben, Nick and Simon – three university friends who, for the past decade, have shared their view that all people, of all ages, should be able to eat healthy foods without compromising on taste.

The nutritious Pulsin bars will be on hand to fuel DB Maxers at the finish line. The place to look for a special post-race treat!

For all the low down on the great-tasting Pulsin bars, check out their website at



Big Bobble Hats

Having spent many years trying to find the perfect bobble hat both on the ski slopes and the great outdoors, the first set of hats were worn on a trip to Les Arc and this was when Big Bobble Hats was born. All the beanie bobble style hats are designed in Scotland. Big Bobble Hats have very generously offered our prize winners one of their awesome hats or funky socks. Also you may be one of the lucky ones to be picked out for a spot prize at the finish.

They will have many styles and colours available to choose from on the day. So if you need to get your head in the game, these hats are perfect at keeping your ears and head warm from the ‘chilly’ weather. All the hats are one size and can be purchased for £20 or two for £35. They will also have some funky socks which retail at £5 each or 4 for £10.

They will have a card reader for those that do not have cash on them.

They want all their customers to stand out, be bold, be bright and be seen. So why not show off your ‘Mojo’ with a big bobble hat.



AeroCoach are there to help you ride faster, for longer, with less effort. Based in the UK they help all kinds of athletes, from local riders to Tour de France champions, first time triathletes to Ironman winners! They offer aerodynamic test sessions for riders, and their own in house innovative products, such as the AEOX wheel range and our suite of ergonomic bike accessories. They will be providing a prize for the first male and female at the Chilly Duathlon.


73Degrees is an independent bike shop in Keynsham. They offer bikes from brands such as Ridley, Colnago, Felt, Cinelli, Orro and more. They offer full workshop facilities including wheel building and are recognised as a Campagnolo Pro Shop. They have a bike fit studio with a retul size bike, saddle test facility & also offer Bio Racer Aero fits. They are very proud to have great,  knowledgeable, friendly staff and will be providing prizes at the duathlon.

Their coffee machine is always on so feel free to drop in mid ride and check them out in person or visit for more info….


Bike Fit Yeovil

That feeling when you realize you’ve bought something that doesn’t quite fit properly? It really can be frustrating if it’s something simple like a new pair of jeans, but if it’s an expensive bike or accessories it can be both depressing as well as wasteful. Shoes are a great example. As a cyclist, do you ever get numb feet? We can probably guess why – your shoes will be slightly the wrong size with the cleats positioned in slightly the wrong place. Millimeters do matter and at BikeAid, you will find that they take fitting very seriously indeed.

Their flagship service is Bike Fit. It is the ultimate fit for you and your bike. The theory is simple – they make sure your bike is fitted to you and not the other way round, because the other way round doesn’t work! We are all different, so adapting the bike to fit you results in a more comfortable, enjoyable and efficient ride.

Nick from Bike Fit will be on site to assist with any bike related issues at the duathlon.

The Physio Clinic, Bristol

This is their 7th year supporting DB Max’s events, providing sports massage at several of our events and we are delighted that they are working with us again in 2019 on even more events. Next year’s schedule looks bigger and better than ever and its’s great that they will be part of the support team.

For those who don’t know, the Physio Clinic, Bristol are a private physiotherapy practice in North Bristol. Established in 2007 they are a multi room, multi practitioner clinic with a special interest in sports injuries, movement analysis and exercise rehabilitation. Their services range from assessment and diagnosis of injury, sports massage, strength and conditioning programming, to running analysis and rehabilitation.



Wiltshire Air Ambulance

Wiltshire Air Ambulance provides an essential Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) for anyone who lives, works or travels in Wiltshire and surrounding counties. Wiltshire Air Ambulance is available up to 19 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is a charity and relies almost entirely on public donations to raise the £3.25 million a year to keep the air ambulance operational.

In 2017 one in five incidents were road traffic collisions and one in ten incidents involved children. A total of 65 incidents – more than one a week – were sporting related. More than one in three missions was in the hours of darkness.

The central location of their new airbase at Semington means the helicopter can reach all parts of Wiltshire within 11 minutes.

With your support they can continue saving lives.

For more information go to  or call them on 01225 300536 or email


Don’t forget that Max the Monkey will be at the start and finish line to motivate you all. Plus all our finishers will receive a chilly soup.