Recover like a pro post-run

Whether you’re a professional or a couch to 5k runner, it doesn’t matter: recovering from your run sessions is vital regardless of the level you are at. Not only will it help aid muscle soreness or injuries and niggles occurring, but recovering properly will enhance your performance next time and that’s something ALL of us want right?

Here are some tips to help you nail that recovery!

Warm down. This is just as important as warming up. Just a gentle jog and 10mins of light stretching at the end is all that’s required to kick-start that recovery phase. Adding this into your regime, although may feel like a bit of a burden and pointless but it will help you a lot long-term.

Refuel. Aiming to consume some nutrition post-run should be high on the list. Research suggests to take full advantage of that key window (20-30min) post session to get some food in. This is to help repair, build and replace what was lost throughout.

Rehydrate. Again, another priority on the ‘recovery list’ is hydration. Not only should it be an essential post session or race, this should also take place pre-run too! This helps reduce the chances of cramping or dehydration creeping in mid-session, especially if you are running longer distances such as half, full and ultra marathons. Rehydrating after is very important and helps to replace what was lost through sweating throughout the run.

Sleep. Everyone knows the importance and benefits sleeping has on our bodies. Aim for 7-8hrs each night – this enables the body time to rest and repair and its especially important after a big session or race.

Listen to your body. If you’ve had a hard training session or race and are no doubt feeling the effects of it, such as fatigue and muscle soreness, be sure to take it steady for the next few days before jumping back into training. A suggestion would be to implement some cross-training such as swimming or spinning into your week to help the body moving and flush out that lattice with little to no impact on the body.

Give your body the respect it deserves.