Race Letter – Westonbirt House Summer 10k

It’s fantastic to be bringing you the Westonbirt House Summer 10k on Friday 23rd July.

Please take the time to read your race letter in full, HERE. The race video briefing is also now available HERE.

You can the race list and details on the result page here (type your name in the search box at the top.

Please check your details very carefully and email your Race Timer, ONLY if there are any errors. Please note, it is very important that you race with correct details (gender, category, club).


As you are all probably aware by now, restrictions related to Covid-19 have been lifted in England and it is no longer necessary to wear a mask, socially distance or restrict group sizes. This means we could potentially now return our events to pre-pandemic norms, with mass starts and large groups.

However, we know that some people will feel uncomfortable with this and feel it is too soon to do so. We also want to make sure our races are welcoming for all.

With this in mind, we will ask that participants respect personal space and avoid getting overly close to others. Please use common sense on meeting in groups and respect those around you who may be continuing to take care and avoiding close contact.

With regards to mass starts, at Castle Combe Midweek 10k on Wednesday 14th July, we trialled rolling starts. This type of start is almost like a mass start, but it allows us to make sure that everyone is well spread out. We will have a long start chute and sort people into it based on estimated finish times. This will be done using our awesome #dbmaxpaceteam and we will call runners forward as per their expected finish times. Those running sub 40 will be called to the start line first, then 40 to 44 minutes, 45 to 49 minutes and so on. This theme will continue down to our final 75 minute runners, all being called forward alongside the relevant DB Max pacer. For those who are uncomfortable starting in any sort of group, we will provide a start slot at the very end in your own space.

We also ask people not to hack or spit anywhere on route and when out on the public roads and running through Westonbirt Village we ask for you to respect anyone you come across and keep your distance from people living in these areas.

We do intend to be back to complete normality soon, but we feel it prudent at this stage to keep things safe and enjoyable for all.


Points to remember:

  • Make sure you follow the signs to the DB Max Car Park and park as directed.
  • Check the weather forecast before the race and make sure you have applied sun screen and are also well hydrated.

That’s all for now. Good luck with your final race preparations and we look forward to seeing you at Westonbirt House on Friday 23rd July.