Race Letter – Portishead Sprint Triathlon, 14th August 2021.

It’s fantastic to be back at Portishead for the awesome Portishead Sprint Triathlon on 14th August 2021.

The race information is available to read HERE.

As you are all probably aware by now, restrictions related to Covid-19 have been lifted in England and it is no longer necessary to wear a mask, socially distance or restrict group sizes. This means we could potentially now return our events to pre-pandemic norms.
However, we know that some people will feel uncomfortable with this and feel it is too soon to do so. We also want to make sure our races are welcoming for all. At Race HQ in the Cafe Lido you MUST be wearing a face covering. This is a rule from the Cafe itself, so please do respect these rules.
With this in mind, we will ask that participants respect personal space and avoid getting overly close to others. Please use common sense on meeting in groups and respect those around you who may be continuing to take care and avoiding close contact.
With regards the starts, you will start almost as normal in the pool. You will drop in to the pool and the starter will get you going, the next person will then get in and go and so on and so on.
We also ask people not to hack or spit anywhere on route and whatsoever and we ask for you to respect anyone you come across and keep your distance from people living in these areas.
We will also be providing hand sanitiser at various locations throughout the event including at registration, the toilets, transition, the water station on the run and at the finish
We do intend to be back to complete normality soon, but we feel it prudent at this stage to keep things safe and enjoyable for all.

Your race video briefing, please take time to watch it HERE.

You can view your race number and details on the result page here (type your name in the search box at the top). Please check your details very carefully and email your Race Timer, only if there are any errors. Please note, this is very important as if you race with incorrect details (gender, category, club), you may be disqualified.

Please note there are no refunds, deferrals or transfers available now as the deadline has passed. Please do not email with requests on this as emails on this subject will not be responded to.

Start times have now been allocated to participants and cannot be changed.

Things you must bring on race day:

  • A face covering/mask for when you are in the queue for your race numbers at registration. Registration is in the Cafe Lido and this is a rule from the owners, so please respect it.

Things to remember on race day itself:

  • Please keep quiet if you are arriving early and have consideration for the locals.
  • Remember it could be up to a 10 minute walk from the car park to Race HQ and transition. Please do not try to park directly outside the pool.
  • Check the time transition opens for your wave and the time you need to be on poolside. Please be on poolside at least 15 minutes before your start time.

That’s all for now. Good luck with your final race preparations and we look forward to seeing you at Portishead on Saturday 14th August for the Portishead Sprint Triathlon.