OCR Kit List – 4 things to take. 4 things to leave at home!

An OCR Kit List, by Kerry Sutton.

1. Nothing made of cotton. It absorbs water, becomes heavy and loses it’s shape. What starts off as nice and fitted is soon sagging around your bum and knees.

2. Leave valuables either at the home or at the start. Phones are the obvious one (let the photographers capture you at your most vulnerable), and you’ll be far too busy surviving to take photos anyway! Sunglasses, hats, jackets and all jewelery come under this bracket too. And please don’t take keys with you. They hurt when you sit / fall on them, plus it’ll be a long walk home if they are the bottom of the pond!

3. Goretex. It repels water, yes, but that also means it traps it in. You will be in and out of water and mud (frequently!) and you don’t want to be carrying litres of water with you.

4. Shoes with good tread and ankle support are key (preferably trail running shoes). No Green Flash tennis shoes please! You’ll soon regret it as you struggle for the umpteenth time to ascend the short muddy gradients and keep ending up on your arse at the bottom.

Thinking of wearing a leotard?! Think again!

5. Wicking sports tops are a great idea. Tight-fitting is a good idea as it’s less likely to snag. Compression gear might not be to everyone’s liking but it works.

6. Commando or not? It’s hard to answer this as it’s very much down to personal preference. The most important thing to remember is to bring a change of underwear – you’ll need to change out of wet gear as soon as possible at the end, especially if you are prone to the getting cold.

7. Some like to wear compression shorts or leggings with looser shorts over the top. Compression socks and arm sleeves are great. They have the two-fold benefit of adding a layer of protection against chaffing or scratching on the wood, and undergrowth, whilst also helping you adjust your body temperature. This is especially true in the case of arm warmers which can be rolled down if you are warm or pulled up if you are chilly!

8. Gloves get a green light every time. Don’t leave home without them!

Don’t forget a change of clothes….

Have a blast and enjoy the day!

Kerry Sutton,
Coach at Perpetual Motion