Injury prevention

We are well into the competitive season now and our bodies are starting to feel the effects of all that hard training and racing. So now, more than ever, we’re at risk of niggles and injuries occurring and it’s important to keep an eye on early warning signs.

If you’ve been racing since the beginning of the year, your body is naturally going to start to feeling the effects of this. Racing is a draining experience and the risk of injuries is much higher post-race due to a number of factors, the main one being the time you take to recover.

So we’ve 4 tips to help you identify early warning niggles and nip them in the bud before they develop into a full blown injury.

  1. Take notice of any warning signs. If you start to feel a few niggles occurring, keep a check on them. Monitor them and note down changes in pain or severity. If these niggles persist, be sure to seek medical help from a physio or health profressional. Most niggles can be easily treated if caught early enough, so don’t risk it.
  2. Always warm up. A lot of us are guilty of neglecting this one. We’re all tight on time and the training session is usually all the time we have due to working commitments, so an additional 20-30mins warming up a luxury most can’t afford. However, not only will warming up help you perform better but will also reduce the chances of injury.
  3. Listen to your physio. We all think we know better! But if you’re paid for a physio, you may as well listen to them too! If your physio has pre-warned you that training with this niggle/injury could make it worse by continuing to “push” through it, listen to them. They are qualified and know what they are doing. Don’t risk putting yourself out for longer than you need to be.
  4. Do your strength training. Again, it’s an area many are guilty of neglecting, especially triathletes. We have 3 sports to train for and finding additional time for 1-2 strength sessions per week is not easy. However, it’s proven to reduce injury occurence so get to it!