How to prepare for a duathlon

Here’s a few essentials you need to know before you lace up for you run-bike-run!

Duathlons are a perfect way to get race fit for a triathlon and provide a great hit-out throughout the year (particularly the winter) to keep the competitive spirit alive.

Here’s 4 tips to prepare you for your next duathlon:

  1. Don’t start too hard. This can be a real problem for some, the gun goes and it’s only natural to go off like a raging bull. Remember, you’ve still got a bike and another run to go. Find your rhythm and listen to your body – if you feel you can push a little more, do.
  2. Practice your transitions. Set up a transition area somewhere and practice the two transitions: run in, put on your helmet, switch shoes, take the helmet off, change into your trainers, running off the bike and so on. It will ease nerves and prepare you so you complete transitions on autopilot on race day.
  3. Use two pairs or trainers. A little trick a lot of duathletes use to shave time is having two pairs of trainers for each transition. If you’ve done a duathlon before you will recall coming into T1, chucking your trainers off in a hurry and getting out into the bike…only to return for run #2 to spend a few minutes searching for that chucked trainer you pulled off in a hurry! Have two pairs and you know one of them will be there sitting pretty waiting for you!
  4. Practice running before a bike ride. It’s common to do a run after a bike session – especially if you’ve been training for a triathlon – however not many go for a run before. By replicating what you will be doing in the race can only be a good thing.

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