How to maximise time in lockdown

Another 3 weeks of quarantine has been forced upon us. You may have settled into a routine of work, rest and play each day but if you haven’t here are 8 things to help you find some traction in your day.

1. A little goes a long way:
Research shows just some activity will help minimise the loss of fitness. Whilst improvement requires larger doses of training that progress from one week to the next, maintaining fitness doesn’t need nearly as much: just the odd nudge to remind the body that the demand for fitness is still there. Small volumes of regular exercise can reduce or even prevent loses entirely.

2. Find your spark:
Enjoy the lack of training structure and have fun. Join in any one of the plethora of YouTube or live online classes at your disposal. Get creative and set up your own challenge. Or, if you are not sure where to begin, there are any number of core, speed, strength and crazy challenges to get involved with.

3. Get back to basics:
You read a lot about ‘knowing your WHY’ in training and competing. It is useful to keep you motivated day on day. Not everyone has a really clear idea of their ‘why’. But there’s proof that it is a very useful tool. It would be a valuable investment in the metal side of your training to unpick your ‘why’. Use the time to take a step back and unpick why you love it, what is it you love and what is your motivation for hitting your target. Read why you should train through covid-19.

4. Training focus:
Think about your training and, when normal routines resume, how can you optimise your time and do more of what you love.

5. Prioritise your strength:
Do you get a repeated niggle or feel that your core could be stronger? Now is a great time to focus on that valuable and oft neglected area of your training. Here’s 6 top exercises to get you started.

6. Strength from within:
Your immunity needs to be firing on all cylinders at the moment. Relentless bouts of hard training will reduce this and leave you susceptible to illness. The message is work hard which will help you to maintain fitness but not so hard that you are leaving yourself fatigued. Sleep, good food, exercise and a healthy dose of positivity is the balance we are aiming for.

7. Review your wardrobe.
Take a stock check. Piff the old t-shirts that aren’t serving you and the trainers that have done so many miles the soles are worn thin. This is a great website which recycles sports clothing.

8. Read, research, think and learn.
Use this time wisely to develop your understanding of optimal training, recovery and nutrition. Think about you as an athlete, what are you good at, what needs development and then start building ideas of how you are going to optimise your training and yourself.

Kerry Sutton is head coach at Perpetual Motion Coaching