How to get the most from your swim sessions

Whether swimming is your favourite or worst of the three triathlon disciples, it’s a vital part of the sport and an area you can’t afford to neglect…unless you come from a swim background.

For most triathletes, swimming is their least favourite discipline. If this describes you, start introducing some new training methods into your schedule, such as the ones we’ve shared below. The off-season is the best time of year to do this – time in the pool now will pay massive dividends come 2020!

Here’s a few tips to help mix things up and get the best out of your pool time:

1 Have a plan.

If you only take one piece of info away from this article, let this be it! Whatever you do in the pool, don’t go into it without a plan, making the session up on the fly. Either write a session beforehand (there’s tonnes online for inspiration) or if you have a coach, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Like all training sessions, it’s much easier to get the work done when you know not only what the session is, but what purpose is serves.

2 Join a swimming or triathlon club.

This is a great way to improve your swimming. Swimming with others will give you a huge boost and reap big gains. Swimming solo is fine, but if you can swim with others once or twice per week, you’ll be pushed more and get more from the session.

If you have the opportunity to be watched by a coach on deck to provide technique feedback, even better.

3 Use tools.

Mix up the training and start introducing swim tools into your sets. Pull bouys and paddles, for example, are great for building shoulder strength and enable you to power through the water more efficiently. They also help improve technique.

4 Use your time effectively

If you only have time to swim two or three times per week (or even less), ensure that the time spent in the water is high quality. Quality out-trumps quantity tenfold when it comes to swimming.

It’s admirable to aim to swim four or five times per week, but if you’re rushing sets or solely focused on getting the time / distance in, then quality will suffer. Much better reduce the frequency you hit the pool per week and ensure that the sessions you do do are of good quality.

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