How to choose the right triathlon

With the triathlon scene becoming more and more popular each year, there are now thousands of races to choose from. It can all become a little overwhelming (not to mention expensive!) when sitting down to pick which races you are going to enter.

We’ve jotted down these tips to help you figure out which ones might be right for you:

1 What are your goals?

Before picking any races, make sure you have all of the goals you are looking to achieve within the season beforehand. If you are looking to qualify for certain races such as AG European or World champs for example, you need to know which races you can enter which will enable you to try and qualify for them. If your goals are a little less serious and just want to enjoy races and see what happens then your decisions on what races to enter would likely be different. Be sure that whichever races you chose, they have relevance to you and your goals.

2 What is your level of commitment to triathlon?

Another point to consider is what level you feel you are at within triathlon. Are you a beginner looking for a few low-key friendly races to do as a bit of fun? Or are you season professional with aims of turning pro? Regardless of where you sit, be sure you can commit to what you have entered.

Will you have enough time to fit the training in and be ready for these races? Think about how much you can realistically do next year and then chose the races from there.

3 Time of year

Bear in mind what time of year the races are before you book them. If you intend of racing in hotter climates or in the peak of British summer (I know this doesn’t really matter as we don’t really have much of a summer!!), ensure you are able to prepare for them and know what it will be like to train in these kind of temperatures.

4 Race location

It goes without saying, but make sure you know where the races are locared when you sign up! I know a couple of people who have entered a race only to realise it was a complete pain in the neck to get to. So ask yourself: how easy is it to get there? Will you need to get there a few days off work? How early do you have to get there to rack / register? Weigh up all this information before you press enter.

5 Read race ratings and eedback

Do you know others that have done these races you are looking to do? If so, try to gain as much information about them as possible to gauge what their experience of it was and whether it sounds like a good one to do. There are also plenty of race review websites available on line that can also help with this. Feedback is always a great way to make the decision on whether to enter them or not.

We hope these tips help you in choosing your perfect races for 2020! Don’t forget to check out our range of DB Max triathlons – there’s bound to be one or two that fit your schedule!