How to balance life and triathlon

Triathlon, as we know, involves three different sports. This means a lot of time training and planning your life around swim / bike / run is crucial if you want to maintain a healthy balance between triathlon and life. It’s about prioritising your time, making sure that time with loved ones isn’t placed at the bottom of the pile! If done right, it can all work in harmony.

Time is undoubtedly the biggest challenge most endurance athletes face, however it’s important to remember that this sport is something you picked – it should be enjoyable and not a stress. If you find yourself struggling with the triathlon / life balance, we’ve some tips to get you back on track:

  1. Create a schedule. Unless you have a coach to do the planning for you, take time to plan out a race(s) and training schedule. Don’t just wing it as you go along. Start by working out what your current weekly schedule looks like – including work times, family time and other social engagements – and ensure that the training you are adding to this schedule is manageable.
  2. Think outside the box. Get creative with what time you do have. Chances are you’ve a lot more ‘free’ time than you initially think. If you struggle fitting the demands of training for triathlon in, think about incorporating it into your day to day routine. For example, start cycling or running to and from work each day. This is a great way of banking some miles. You will be surprised how much this adds up over the week.
  3. Quality not quantity. If you are time-poor, ensure the hours you can train focus on quality rather than quantity. You’ll do yourself no favours wasting valuable time and hours on sessions which serve no purpose to you just for the sake of banking training. It’s much more effective to have two or three quality swim / bike / run sessions per week than adding a load of junk miles.
  4. Don’t over-commit. Recognise your limitations. If you are going to do something, ensure the demands and goals you are placing on yourself are realistic and achievable. Think about the sacrifices you will have to make and be cognisant in deciding to tackle them. It’s right to include loved ones in your decision making process too, as their support will be crucial to your success.

If the balance is right, the goals are realistic and everyone knows where they stand, triathlon is a hugely fun and accessible to fit around work and family commitments.

Now you know how you’re going to manage your time, how about entering a race?!

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Titan Brecon middle distance – 20th June 2020