Gold Award Event in 2023!

Special rate for entering a TT and the relay!


In 2024, DB Max are once again heading to Thruxton Race Circuit, near Andover for the grand finale to their TT race series on Sunday October 13th.

The venue provides the same safe, traffic-free racing, suitable for all abilities, that everyone racing time trials with DB Max is used to.

After a fantastic first year in 2023, that was awarded the prestigious Racecheck Gold Award, based on the participants'' feedback, we're looking forward to welcoming you all back for year two.

The Events

  1. 1. Pronto Bikes Open TT (18+ years)
  2. 2. AeroCoach Youth and Junior TT
  3. 3. AeroCoach Road Bike TT
  4. 4. Pronto Bikes 4-Up TT (all ages)
  5. 5. Precision Hydration Mixed Gender Relay TT (4 person - all ages)

Race distance is 5 laps (11.78 miles) for events 1 to 4, with a 10 mile split provided as part of the live results. The relay is 1 lap for each rider (2.36 miles) and 4 laps in total (9.42 miles).

  • Live timing including splits and bike laps.
  • World class racing surface.
  • Beginner-friendly and elite-friendly racing.
  • Race Photography by David Perks Photography - free action shot for all riders.
  • On-site restaurant.

Race Start

  • 09:31 onwards for individual TT.
  • 4-Up TT starts once individual TT is complete (around 11am)
  • Relay starts once all TT events are complete (around 1pm)

Entry Fee

  • Individual: £25 (18+ years)
  • Youth and Junior: £15 (8 to 17 years)
  • Tandem: £28 (18+ years)
  • 4-Up TT: £68 (£17 per person, 18+ years)
  • 4-Up TT Youth and Junior: £44 (£11 per person)
  • 4-person relay: £40 (£10 per person, 18+ years)
  • 4-person relay Youth and Junior: £32 (£8 per person)

Bundle prices

  • 4-Up TT and Relay (18+ years) - £98
  • Individual TT entrants (18+ years) receive a discount code to reduce relay price to £30 per team.


• Venue - Thruxton Motor Racing Circuit

• Directions - Thruxton Motor Racing Circuit

Please follow the road signs for Thruxton Circuit from the A303. Circuit postcode is SP11 8PN (not Thruxton village).

Unfortunately the venue does not permit dogs at this event.


The car park opens at 07:45 on race day and is accessed via the tunnel under the circuit. The car park is located near the corporate suites. Do not park on the tarmac motor cycle training area - marshals will guide you to the correct area.

Corporate Suite and Restaurant

Please note that wearing bike shoes is not permitted inside these buildings. Bikes are not permitted inside the building and please do not lean bikes against the glass - bike racking will be provided. Changing is also not permitted in these buildings. The restaurant will be serving hot food and drinks as well as other refreshments.

Registration & Briefing Instructions

Registration Time: From 08:15

Race numbers and timing chips will be collected from the registration desk on race day. Details of allocated bib numbers will be available online prior to the event..

Race numbers must be fitted to the back of competitors using pins provided. Race belts may be worn. Timing chips must be fitted securely to the left ankle.

Competitors are responsible for counting their own bike laps – plan how to do this to avoid mistakes on the day. The timing system will produce results for each lap and anyone not completing the required 5 laps will be disqualified.

Warming Up

The large tarmac area behind the paddock should be available for warming up. Riders can also bring rollers to warm up alongside their parked vehicles. There will be no access to the track for warming up.


  • TT events - Competitors will complete 5 laps of the 2.36 mile circuit. Total distance will be 11.78 miles. An accurate 10 mile time for each competitor will also be provided.
  • Relay - Each competitor will complete a single lap (2.36 miles). The total team distance will be 9.42 miles.

You must count your own laps. Failure to complete the required course will result in a DQ.

If you have a mechanical issue and need to walk back to Race HQ, do not leave the track to take a short cut across the inner circuit. The venue has a live airport and the fine for crossing it is £5000 per competitor. Please only walk the race track back to HQ.

Race Start

The first rider in the individual TT sets off at 09:31:00.

Riders are then set off at 30 second intervals. Make sure you are in the pit lane under the race control area around 3-4 minutes before you are due to start. As your starting time approaches, the assistant timekeeper will call your number. At this point make your way to the starting line. This will be located near to where the pit lane meets the track.


The finish will be clearly marked and is in the pit lane, which riders will enter after the chicane on their final lap. Slow down as directed by marshals after finishing. Remember it is down to you to count your own laps.

Live Results

Live results including lap splits and leaderboard will be available to view on smartphones at DB Max Sports Timing (

Please remember to give back your chip at the finish as any not received will be billed at £55.

Motorcycle Officials and First Aid

Please note that there will be motorcycle officials out on the circuit to ensure no drafting takes place and to report mechanical issues and other incidents. On site emergency First Aid will be provided by Dorset Medical.

Competitor's Machine

Make sure your machine is well-built, equipped, and properly maintained for safe road riding under all conditions. Adjust the riding position to ensure good forward vision while in a competitive stance.

Where should I place my brake levers?

- Secure the brake levers to the handlebars, allowing the competitor to easily apply both brakes while holding the handlebars at their widest point.

- For tricycles and tandem tricycles, two brakes can operate on the front wheel, but otherwise, the braking systems must function independently on both the front and rear wheels.

Can I ride a fixed wheel bicycle?

- Yes, you can. A fixed wheel should have a left-hand threaded locking device securing the fixed sprocket. Tricycles with a fixed wheel should also have a suitable locking device or an integral system as part of the design. Machines with a fixed wheel require only a brake on the front wheel(s).

Can I use clip-on tri bars on my road bike?

- Yes, you can. Machines fitted with triathlon handlebars or similar designs that have forearm supports, or Spinacci type handlebars without forearm supports, may be used as long as the rider adopts a safe position.

What type of tyres do I need?

- Simply put, tyres should be in good condition, and tubular tyres should be securely attached to the rims.

Can I use disc wheels?

- Deep section rims, tri-spoke wheels, and similar designs are allowed. The front wheel must have at least 45% of the surface area open.

- Disc wheels or spoked wheels with covers may only be used on the rear of the machine.

Can I ride an electric bike?

- Electric bikes are not permitted.

Can I ride in the "Puppy Paws" position on my road bike?

- No, riders are not allowed to ride in the "Puppy Paws" position or simulate a TriBar position by resting their forearms on the handlebars.

What are the criteria for a road bike classification?

- Road bikes can have drop or straight handlebars, but no tri-bars, clip-on bars, or Spinaci bars are allowed.

- Disc wheels are not permitted, and both front and rear wheels must have at least 12 spokes each.

- The maximum rim depth allowed is 90mm.

Protective Helmets

What type of helmet do I need?

- All competitors must wear a helmet that is properly affixed and made of hard/soft shell construction.

- Helmets should conform to recognized standards such as SNELL B95, ANSI Z90.4, AUS/NZS 2063:96, DIN 33-954, CPSC, or EN 1078.

- It is the rider's responsibility to select a helmet that offers protection against head injury without restricting vision or hearing.

- Ensure that the helmet is properly fitted, undamaged, and in good condition.

- Note: Damaged helmets may not provide the same level of protection, and DB Max does not guarantee the adequacy of any specific standard or brand of helmet.

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