The Shouty Dave 5k & 10k – Virtual Run

Sunday, January 31, 2021. 09:00


Whose voice do you remember the most after a DB Max event..?

Who has the amazing ability to motivate you to keep going when you’re feeling like you’re running out of steam..?

Whose face is always smiling and leaving you with happy memories after a DB Max event..?

Some are immortalised as a statue, some as a wax work at Madame Tussauds… Well, our man Shouty Dave is going to be immortalised as a medal…

Dave Alstowe, A.K.A Shouty Dave, has a truly legendary reputation as a marshal and we know from your feedback that you love the way he motivates and encourages you at our events. So this lockdown we are paying homage to the man that gives so much, by bringing you a new virtual event, The Shouty Dave 10k.

We’ve got a brand-new medal with Shouty Dave’s face on it. Imagine having your own copy of that face hanging in your home. Maybe it’ll inspire you to get out and train when you don’t really feel like it. Or maybe you’ll notice it when feeling blue and it’ll prompt a smile.

There’ll be a live online results service, a printable race bib,  and a virtual race start on Facebook Live for those that wish to start at 9am too!

Enter HERE.

As well as putting our man Dave’s face up in lights, we’re also aiming to raise money for a charity very close to the hearts of Dave and his family.
Wiltshire Air Ambulance came to the aid of Dave’s wife Louise in 2013 who is sadly no longer with us. Every year since, Dave and his family have raised money for the WAA via the Royal Wootton Basset Triathlon. DB Max have also partnered with the WAA since 2019 and as the pandemic meant that the Royal Wootton Basset Triathlon didn’t happen in 2020, we’re hoping this event can help instead.

DB Max will be making a donation from the event and there’ll be an opportunity for you to donate when entering too.

So, we think of Dave as a legend of the event world and we think many of you feel the same. Let’s celebrate the man and everything he brings to our events, with the virtual Shouty Dave 10k.

So how does it work..?

  • Choose the 5k or the 10k.
  • Print your race bib by clicking on your name on the results page. Instruction video here.
  • Join us for our Facebook Live virtual race start if you like.
  • You must run on Sunday 31st January!
  • After completion, submit your time online.
  • The times will be continually updated throughout the day.
  • Enter your Strava or Garmin link on the results to show your run course.
  • If you fancy it, post a photo on Instagram and tag @dbmax_timing. Or post on Facebook or Twitter and tag @dbmaxevents.
  • Sit back and wait for your Shouty Dave Medal medal to arrive in the post.

Are you keen to have a go..?
Enter for £15 now..!

Here is some of the comments we have had about Dave:

Absolutely love this guy. He honestly makes all the difference! – Aine Halton-Hanley

What a great bloke cheered everybody from the first to the very last person to set off, think he made the race for everybody! – Jonathan Barnes

He called me sweetheart, haven’t been called that for years, really made my day❣️ – Helen Grist

He was the best ! So funny, so full of energy and such a welcome sight at the start of each lap! – Angela MacAusland

An amazing guy with an enormous heart always encouraging to every runner , triathlete , swimmer and cyclist. Dave A take a bow! – Tracy Watt

This guy is a total and utter legend!! Totally awesome!! Love rocking up to a race and hearing him from 500m away! I can’t imagine a local race without him!!! – Iain Yarranton

I love this guy at every event. Today I was running around wondering who should nominate him for some kind of awesome award! Thanks shouty Dave and all the team! – Leigh Allen