Royal Navy/Royal Marines Tri Champs

Wednesday, May 17, 2017. 13:00

The above event supported by Triathlon England, will take place at HMS RALEIGH on Wed 17 May 17 commencing at 1300.


This event is open to all abilities from Novice to Elite, with entries being invited from both service and civilian personnel. Novice category is an athlete who has completed less than 3 Multi Sport events or less (Biathlons, Duathlons, Triathlons).

Entries to the competition will cost £20 and are to be made online.
Entry Process.
Enter Here.

Entries are to be received by Wed 10 May 17. Late entries will be accepted up to and including the day of the race (spaces depending) however these entries will be at a cost of £25.  Please note that due to required clearance checks civilian athletes WILL NOT be accepted into the event after Wed 10 May 17, unless they already carry a valid HMS RALEIGH gate pass.

Entries are limited to maximum of 120 athletes and spaces will be filled on a first come first served basis.

Civilian athletes are strongly recommended to acquire their own personal injury insurance.

Race Distances:

  1. Swim 400 metres (12 lengths of the pool).
  1. Cycle 20 km along local roads (A374).
  1. Run 5 km within HMS RALEIGH on and off road.

Race Rules:

  • The competition will be run in accordance with the linked British Triathlon Federation Rulebook. Athletes should not the following:
    No side by side cycling or drafting is permitted during the cycling element of the race.  Each cyclist must maintain a minimum distance of at least 10 metres from the rider in front at all times, except when overtaking.  It is the responsibility of the overtaken rider to drop back to maintain this gap.
  • Any equipment that impedes hearing or concentration is prohibited from use during the event (including transitions).  This includes but is not limited to mobile phones and music devices.
  • Athletes shall use no other aids other than a cap, goggles, nose clips and a costume during the swim.
  • Bicycles must be well maintained, roadworthy and must adhere to the characteristics detailed in the Rulebook.
  • Approved cycling helmets must be worn by all athletes.  Details of this standard can be found in the Rulebook.

Rules which apply within the Transition Area:

  • The transition area will only be accessible to competitors, no other personnel are permitted inside the transition area.  Bike rack slots will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
  • Cycling is not permitted in the transition area and competitors must only mount or dismount their vehicle within the approved area which will be clearl marked and manned throughout the event.
  • Helmets are to be worn and secured before taking bikes and are to remain fastened until bikes are racked on completion of the cycling phase.

Failure to comply with any of these rules as well as those stipulated in the Rulebook will result in penalties being applied.  Penalties can be found in Section 29 of the Rulebook


Registration for the event will commence at 1100 until 1140 within HMS RALEIGH Gymnasium. During this time all competitors will be required to collect their race packs prior to the race brief which will commence at 1200.

Programme of Events:

The programme of events can be found on the Admin Order which will be distributed to all establishment gymnasiums and ships in due course.

Any questions from non military interested personnel can e-mail

Athletes continue at designated intervals until all athletes have started. Swim start times are based on 400mtr swim times, with the slowest setting of first.


Safety Marshalls will be situated and clearly marked throughout the entire course and in particular in high risk areas. Each course will be clearly marked with directional and warning signs for athletes to follow.  There will be a mobile safety vehicle available throughout the event to provide support as required.

It is the individual’s responsibility to ensure that they adhere to the Highway Code (section 59 – 82 specific to bicycles).

Any athletes that are noted for a road traffic violation or found to be conducting acts deemed dangerous will be disqualified.

In the event of inclement weather resulting in poor visibility or dangerous conditions on the roads, the cycle event will be cancelled.

Aid Station:
The Aid Station will be situated near the finish area on the Parade Ground of HMS RALEIGH. Competitors will be able to take on fluids between the swim, cycle and running disciplines.  It is the responsibility of all competitors to remain fully hydrated and carry water bottles on their bikes.

Refreshments will be available throughout the event and on completion a hot meal will be available to all athletes.

Categories and Prizes:
On completion of the event a prize ceremony will take place within the Gymnasium Sports Bar. A comprehensive list of categories and prizes can be found on the Tempus Leisure web page and will be advertised on registration.  Service competitors will be representing their respective units.

Changing facilities and showers will be available for all competitors on the day of the event within the Gymnasium. A limited number of lockers will also be available for personal valuables.  Keys to these lockers will be issued on a first come basis.  For hygiene and cleanliness reasons athletes are requested to remove any dirty clothing prior to transiting through the Gymnasium.