Royal Navy Duathlon, 3rd March

Friday, March 3, 2017. 14:00

The RN/RM Duathlon Championships 2017 is to be held at RNAS Merryfield Airfield, near Ilton, Somerset by kind permission of CO VL. The race will take place at 1400 hrs on Fri 03 Mar 17.  It will be held on a closed, traffic-free airfield and is a non-drafting event.  This race is perfect for Novices and indeed they are strongly encouraged to attend.

Event.  The race will be competed over the following approximate distances:

  1. Run 1 – A flat 3 mile run on tarmac.
  1. Cycle – A flat 10 mile cycle (3 full Laps).
  1. Run 2 – A flat 1.5 mile run on tarmac.

Prize Giving. The prize giving ceremony will take place at approximately 1630 hours at the venue.  Prizes will be awarded as follows:

  1. Male Open – 1st 2nd 3rd.
  1. Female Open – 1st 2nd 3rd
  1. Male Vet – 1st 2nd
  1. Female Vet – 1st 2nd

Entry. All members of the Armed Forces, Reserve Forces, MOD and Guest Civilians are entitled to enter the Championships.  .  Entry cost is £10 and early registration is recommended as entries are restricted to 150 competitors.  Guest civilians must ensure that they have adequate public liability insurance to race.

Enter Here.

Registration. All competitors are to register at race registration between 1200 – 1330 hrs at Merryfield Airfield.  Please allow plenty of time to park, register and warm up prior to the event.  Parking will be signposted and available close to the Control Tower compound.  You will be issued with a timing chip during registration which is to be securely worn on the left ankle.  Loss of your timing chip will result in an admin charge from DB Max.

Race Course Recce. Please note that this is still an active airfield (it will not be on the day) and is heavily used during the working week.  A recce will only be possible on race day from 1200.

Timings. Timings for the event are as follows:

1200 – 1320       Registration

1330                    Race brief

1400                    Race starts

Rules. The race will be run in accordance with British Triathlon rules but not governed by them.

Bikes are to be in a road worthy condition and approved (ANSI Z90.4, SNELL B90, EN 1078 or an equivalent national standard) cycle helmets must be worn for the entire cycle section. During the race your helmet must be fitted and fastened before removing your bike from the rack and is not to be removed until after re-racking your bike.

The race will be a non-drafting event. The bicycle draft zone is 10 metres long measured from the leading edge of the front wheel. A competitor may enter the draft zone of another competitor, but must be seen to be progressing through that zone. A maximum of 20 seconds is allowed to pass through the zone of another competitor. Draft busters will be in operation on the course and competitors choosing to draft will be disqualified in accordance with British Triathlon guidelines.

Cycling is not permitted inside the Transition Area. Competitors must only mount and dismount their bicycles within the clearly marked zones adjacent to transition. Non-compliance will result in a 2 minute time penalty and possible disqualification.

Competitors are not to litter the course. Merryfield is an active airfield and litter presents a FOD hazard.  Competitors are to hold onto their litter and deposit into bins within the transition area.

Safety and Security.

  1. Medical. RNAS Yeovilton Medical Centre is available to treat minor injuries (Reception telephone: 01935 45 5515).  Anything more serious will be referred to the emergency services.
  1. Hydration. All competitors must ensure they bring sufficient water bottles to stay hydrated.  Drinking water will be available to fill bottles.
  1. Ear phones and personal electronic devices. Use of such devices by competitors is not allowed at any time during the race.  Failure to abide by this rule will result in
  1. Marshals. Marshals will wear hi-vis vests and be situated along the race routes.  Competitors must obey signals and orders given by marshals to maximise safety.  Runners are to keep left on the course and cyclists must always pass runners and other cyclists on the right.
  1. Transition area access. Transition is open to competitors only.  Competitors are to remove excess baggage/kit boxes from transition prior to the race start.

Results. All race results will be announced on completion of the race. The results will also appear on the RN Triathlon MOSS site and the DB Max website as soon as possible after the event.

Travel. Directions to Merryfield Airfield, Nr Ilton, Somerset are at Annex C.  The GPS location is (N50°57.78 W002°56.22) and Merryfield Airfield can be easily found on a Google search.  All travel costs for this event are to be met by competitors using their own budget and UIN.

Accommodation and Messing. It is the responsibility of individuals to organise accommodation if required.  Refreshments will be provided on completion of the race.

Summary. The Royal Navy Duathlon Championship 2017 will be an exciting and fast race.  It is open to all service personnel and guest civilians, of all sporting abilities.  All units are encouraged to allow individuals to take part in this multi-sport event.