Super Fast, PB Course


The Lightning Bolt 10k, an event that does exactly what it says on the tin.

Fast, flat 10k racing for all abilities. With an elevation of just 14 metres, this is now regarded as one of the fastest 10k races in the UK.

We are stripping back the Lightning Bolt 10k to make it open for everyone. Included will be:

  • Chip timing including 5k split.
  • A fast, flat 10k PB course.
  • Distance markers every km.
  • Event registered with the UKA so results can be submitted to the Power of 10.
  • Officially measured course.
  • The #dbmaxpaceteam on hand to guide you to your new PB.
  • Affordable racing for all.
  • The option to purchase a medal when registering (see below).
  • Free car parking.
  • On-site toilets.
  • Race Photography from Charles Whitton Photography

Race Distance

10k run

Course Records

Male - Ben Cole, 30:14 (August 2022)
Female -  Anna Harold, 34:46 (August 2023)

Race Route

Please click HERE to view the Lightning Bolt Fast 10k route.

Race Start

10:00. There is a walk of approximately 1k to the start line from Race HQ. It is just 500 metres back to Race HQ from the finish. Please follow the brightly coloured arrows to the start.

Race Entry

Online entry:
Affiliated entry - £14
Unaffiliated entry - £16

Day entry (cash only)
Affiliated entry - £17
Unaffiliated entry - £20

Elite Entry

We will have a number of spaces for elite athletes. For any male who runs sub 31 or female who runs sub 35, please contact to sort your place.


Here at DB Max we are trying to reduce the amount of waste we create, reduce our carbon footprint and to make our events affordable for all. For the Lightning Bolt Fast 10k, we have taken the decision to make the medals optional.

So we are offering runners the option to purchase a medal when registering, but alternatively to enter at a lower price, without a medal. This ensures we can give the cheapest entry price possible, but also covers all options and keep those runners who love a medal happy too.

We hope you appreciate this new optional service as we address environmental and waste concerns.


The #dbmaxpaceteam will be on hand to help guide you to your goals and PB's. We have pacers from 38 to 75 minutes. Pacers are at 38/40/42/45/48/50/52/55/58/60/62/65/70 minutes.

Time Limits

We expect participants to have finished their 10k in no more than 1 hour 10 minutes. After this time limit marshals will be removed form course and you will be expected to make your own way back to the finish. Signs will remain out until the final finisher.

Horses and Horse Riders

As we are sure you are aware, the Lightning Bolt 10k takes place in a rural area. In this area, there are many horses and horse riders. We do ask that if you come across a horse and rider whilst out running, that you follow these simple pieces of advice.

If approaching from behind, call out to the rider so the horse and rider are aware you are there. Calling 'Runner behind' is perfect. Should the horse be startled, stop running and wait for the rider to signal it is safe for you to pass. Remember, please pass as wide as possible and do not come up directly behind a horse and rider.

If there is a passing place, such as a drive or layby the horse rider can get to, wait for them to get to safety and signal for you to pass. Communicate politely with each other.

Remove any bright, or flapping garments, such as flags or coats around the waist. Tuck these out of the way when passing. Pass the horse and rider, in single file, wide and slowly, avoiding any sudden movements.

If approaching from the front, call out to the rider so the horse and rider are aware you are there. Calling 'Runner approaching' is great. Slow down and ask if it's OK to continue. Should the horse be startled, stop. Wait for the rider to signal it's safe to continue.

Being higher up on a horse, there are factors to consider like clarity of hearing with the elements, the sounds of the hooves and horses can not see immediately behind them. Give plenty of room to avoid kicking. Should you be unsure of what to do, stop. Communicate with the rider, ask what you can do to help.

Club Entry

If you would like to make the Lightning Bolt Fast 10k a club race, please contact us for more details. Phone James on 07929 059 796 or email to register your interest.

Wheelchairs/Visual Impairment

The event is suitable for the visually impaired as long as this is detailed to the organiser in advance.

Unfortunately, following recent risk assessments and consultation with our insurance providers, the event is not suitable for wheelchair athletes.


Registration will be from 08:45 to 09:45 in the DB Max Gazebo next to the Village Hall.

Marshals and Volunteers

To successfully run our events we require the help and support of Marshals and Volunteers. if you are able to assist at the event or have friends, family, work colleagues or enemies who may be able to help, then please contact James Higgs on in return we offer free entries in to future DB Max events...

Race Letter

The event race letter can be read on the on the following blog post

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Follow for news

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Venue & Accommodation


Race HQ and Car Parking are located at Langley Burrell Village Hall, just a short distance from junction 17 of the M4. Please drive very carefully through the village and on arrival park as directed, the address is:
Langley Burrell Village Hall,
Langley Burrell,
SN15 4LL

What 3 Words - digs.steeped.seeing

Getting Here

Getting to the venue couldn't be easier and it is only a short distance from Junction 17 of the M4. Car times from Major Cities are

London - 1 hour 30 minutes
Birmingham - 1 hour 30 minutes
Bristol - 35 minutes
Cardiff - 60 minutes
Swansea - 1 hour 45 minutes
Exeter - 1 hour 30 minutes

Local Accommodation

For details of local accommodation, please click here.


What is the difference between an affiliated and unaffiliated entry?

An affiliated entry means you are a member of a running club who are registered to either the ARC (association of running clubs) or the UKA (United Kingdom Athletics). An unaffiliated entry is for someone who is not a member of a club or their club is not registered with either of these bodies.

Can I run with my dog at this event?

Unfortunately not, we are not permitted to run cani-cross at this event.

Where can I find the photo’s from the event?

All photo’s will be available to view on the results page when the photographer has finished uploading them. Please allow up to 48 hours after the event for them to be uploaded.

Can I wear Headphones?

Bone conducting headphones are permitted, but you must still be able to hear marshals instructions. No other type of headphones are permitted and failure to comply will result in a disqualification.

Is the event registered with the UKA/Run Britain so my results show on the power of 10?

Yes, the event is registered with the UKA so your results will show on the Power of 10.

And Finally

The DB Max event team look forward to welcoming you to Langley Burrell on Race Day.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the Lightning Bolt Fast 10k, then please do not hesitate to contact James Higgs on 07929 059 796 or

The terms and conditions for the event can be read at the following URL.

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