DB Max announce new nutrition partner!

Eat Grub

DB Max have a new nutrition partner on board for 2017! We’re very excited to welcome Eat Grub on board!

Eat Grub are a UK company and their nutrition bars come with a unique ingredient…….edible insects! The protein packed bars come in two ‘grubilicious’ flavours, cranberry & orange and coconut & cacao, and will be available for all our race finishers this year.

Shami Radia of Eat Grub said “We are thrilled to be partnering with DB Max Events, fuelling their participants with our Eat Grub cricket powder energy bars and promoting insects as a sustainable and nutritious food source.’

The Eat Grub bars will also be on hand to fuel DB Max’s endurance triathletes at the feed stations of the iconic Titan Brecon.

Will Whitmore of DB Max said “I’ve eaten insects on my travels around the Far East and now I’ve tried these great-tasting bars too. DB Max are excited to be promoting a sustainable protein source in aligning with our new friends at Eat Grub.”

For all the low down on the great-tasting Eat Grub bars, check out their website at www.eatgrub.co.uk


Eat Grub