A regular look at some of the inspirational stories from some of our amazing DB Maxers……

We were delighted that Pete Flaherty took part in the Battle Of Lansdown……’s why Pete tackled the 35 obstacles.

Over the last two years I have witnessed the suffering and passing of both my Nan & Granddad due to this terrible disease.  For those that know me, they know that calling them Nan & Granddad doesn’t do them justice, as for most of my life they brought me up.  I am extremely grateful for everything they have given me. For taking on the job of being my ‘Mum & Dad‘.

As a way of remembering them and saying thank you for all the sacrifices they made, I will be undertaking 12-months of extreme(ish) crazy(ish) challenges.  My aim is to raise as much money as possible to help the continued research and treatment of Dementia.

So far I have completed Tough Guy in January, The Beast in February and the Battle of Lansdown.’

Please see Pete’s fundraising challenges below:

  • January: Tough Guy
  • February: The Beast
  • March: The Battle of Lansdown
  • April: My Jiu-Jitsu Challenge – 1,000 throws in 5 hours
  • May: Tough Mudder 5k & 100km Canoe Challenge on River Spey in Scotland
  • June: Rough Runner 15k
  • July: Climbing Ben Nevis
  • August; My 6 year old son will be climbing Snowdon (with me!)
  • September: Tough Mudder Full
  • October: Hell runner: Hell-up North
  • November: tbc
  • December: My Ju Jitsu Black Belt Grading (hopefully!!)