A regular look at some of the inspirational stories from some of our amazing DB Maxers……

This week it’s Lorraine Mostafa who took part in the Pulsin Westonbirt Easter 10k with us.

‘I started running 5 years ago after my daughter was born. I did C25K. I moved house around a year later and a mum I had become friends with at a baby group moved next door. We had done a mums fitness group together so decided to start running together. Little did I know that she was a marathoner!!! We got thinking that it would be nice to have a ladies running group, for all abilities, in the North Swindon area. As we are both mums, and we know a lot of mum’s, we called it Mums On The Run!  We got a good response to our Facebook advertising and had quite a few runners join us! We meet up every Tuesday and Thursday. We now have over 100 members on our Facebook group. We have our regulars who run with us each week and other members get out around their own areas of Swindon. We share our accomplishments with each other and support one another in our races. Without these ladies, I would never have considered running a half marathon, but I have….TWICE! Our group has also entered the Cotswolds 100 mile run and we came second! Not bad for mums who run to get out of the bedtime routine!!

Mums On The Run is a chance for ladies to have a little me-time, to meet up for some exercise, fresh air, a natter or a rant!! It is also a way for ladies to get out running with a buddy if they are nervous of running on their own. We have ladies of all abilities running with us and we welcome new faces all the time.

We have also set up Mums On The Run C25K for beginners! We have had huge success with that! One of our mums did the C25k and then went on to run a half marathon a few months later!’