A regular look at some of the inspirational stories from some of our amazing DB Maxers……

This week we have featured FXT Obstacle Addicts who took part in the Battle of Lansdown with us.

How it started

‘The FXT Obstacle Addict workouts started as a result of realising that people were ‘addicted’ to OCRs, which we learnt whilst participating in many ourselves.  We also realised that people couldn’t regularly get their obstacle ‘fix’ because events are often months apart and are scattered all over the country.  As a result of this we decided to start our very own obstacle style workout in the local area, that people could do regularly to help them train for OCRs whilst still getting their ‘fix’ throughout the year.  The workout has been hugely popular and regularly attracts 20-30 people, which is managed by 2-3 qualified personal trainers (one of which owns TRIBE PT – our partners) who help motivate and coach people in a really friendly environment.

What’s involved

FXT Obstacle Addict is a challenging and fun outdoor workout held every other week at Widbrook Grange in Bradford on Avon.  It involves running through streams, climbing over walls, scrambling through nets, carrying logs, sand bags, dragging tyres and much more.  This is a great whole body workout that will improve your strength, fitness and mind.  There’s nothing else quite like it in the area.  We have plans to set up another one in a surrounding area soon.  Please come along as we know you’ll love it!’

For further info please visit the Facebook page and the website –