Competitor Stories – Vic Spain


I come from a running background and loved completing the big city marathons. About 12 years ago a friend got me interested in triathlon and after doing a couple of Olympic distance events I was hooked. Unfortunately my world was then turned upside down when I became very ill and I was diagnosed with M.E.

For 5 years I had no energy and could do nothing, but I always held on to the hope that I would eventually make a recovery as I had read other testimonials from fellow sufferers. Thankfully I am one of the lucky ones and gradually I have slowly recovered. I have over the last 5 years slowly and carefully built up my training. I started doing local sprint races, then local Olympic distance and 2 years ago completed my first middle distance which was chosen for its flat course. Last year I completed 2 middle distances:  Cotswolds and Vitruvian. My aim this year was to complete 3 middle distance Cotswolds, Dartford and Weston with your race being the main event.

Unbelievably I had a really bad bike crash whilst out on a training ride in March and broke my right arm. I needed 2 lots of surgery and a metal plate fitted so I missed Cotswolds in June but still went and marshalled to cheer my mates on. I still managed to keep my training going by spending hours on the turbo trainer and actually set a new PB at Dartford !

I chose Titan Weston because it looked like a proper tough race and I was be very happy to just get around.

My ultimate aim is to complete a full distance event next year.