Competitor Stories – Tristan Williams


A regular look at some of the inspirational stories from some of our amazing DB Maxers……

This week it’s Tristan Williams who took part in the Portishead Sprint Triathlon with us.

‘In February 2017, after going to the doctors because I was suffering from the flu, I was rushed to Southmead Hospital because the doctor could not hear any air getting into my left lung. After a number of X-Rays and scans, I was told that I needed to be put into an induced coma due to having a serious infection in my lung along with suspected pneumonia. I was in the coma for 4 days and in the intensive care unit for 2 weeks. I’m sure that people will appreciate that this was a very stressful and worrying time for my family and friends.

However, thanks to the extraordinary care and support that I received from the staff in the intensive care unit, I managed to walk out of hospital and eventually get back to full health. I took part in the Portishead Triathlon and other events to raise as much money as possible for the unit so they can continue their life saving work.  The staff in the ICU are real life everyday heroes!’

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