Competitor Stories – Hazel Duncan


I’m 35, and a few years back, I decided it was time to improve my health a bit. So to start with I gave up smoking. Of course that added a bit of weight and I was already overweight.

At my heaviest I reached 18.5 stone, which just tipped me into the morbidly obese category, I think that was the kick I needed to do something about it. My mum gave me her old mountain bike and I started cycling to work, about 11km each way.

I figured I wanted to take up a challenge to keep the momentum going. I’ve always been a strong swimmer and I scuba dive so I’m used to the wetsuit, with the cycling, a triathlon seemed like the ideal choice.

I took up running to round out the list and did a couple of 10kms with DBMax (the Nov and Feb chillys). So when I saw the 51Fiver, with the lovely clean lake up there I figured what the heck.

Now I’m 7.5 stone lighter and fitter than I think I’ve ever been.

The finish was so much better than I could ever have hoped for, I’m already looking for my next event!

Oh yeah, and my car broke down on the way to the event and I had to get my mum to come and rescue me – made it to registration at 6.50!

See you next year 🙂