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Training for an Obstacle Course Race – Part 2: Advanced Tips

Now that you’ve taken a look at our 5 beginner tips for OCR racing and are (hopefully!) implementing some of the advice, we thought we’d crank things up a notch and share more advanced training methods to help you prepare for the big day.

Mix up your runs
Long, short, fast, slow and fartlek runs – embrace them all! As you get closer to the event, ensure you’re doing some good speedwork and short hill sprints to build your engine and leg strength.

If you have access to trails, these are better to run on than roads as they’ll ask more of your tendons and ligaments, which strengthens them. This not only makes you less injury-prone, but also better able at tackle undulating obstacles and rutted fields.

Get to the climbing wall
There’s a couple of great climbing walls in Bristol – Redpoint Bristol and Bloc Climbing – which are well worth a visit before an OCR. Not only are they great fun, but they develop grip and forearm strength which comes in handy when you find yourself dangling over a muddy pool.

The climbing wall is a great addition to your Obstacle Course Race training

Do bodyweight circuits
Most gyms offer circuits classes. This classic, all-round fitness session will always leave you with hands on knees, heart beating out your chest. The group environment too is a great place to build OCR-specific fitness.

If you’re not a fan of group circuits classes, there’s plenty you can do in the gym or even your living room to prepare for an OCR like the Battle of Lansdown.

Burpees, squats, lunges, press ups, pull ups, tricep dips and planks should form the foundation of your bodyweight exercises. Nail these and you’ll be well on your way.

Cross train
Running can get a little tedious, but there’s loads of other activities you can do to boost your heart and lungs. Swimming, cycling, hiking and the rowing machine are all superb for developing your body’s ability to withstand the aerobic stress of completing an OCR.

Mountain biking is another great way to develop the fitness and coordination needed for Obstacle Course Racing

Don’t neglect your core and flexibility
Two things we know are good for us but infrequently actually do!

Core work and flexibility are both key components of an enjoyable OCR experience. A strong, stable core helps injury-prevention as well as supporting your entire body as you challenge it over various obstructions.

Improved flexibility will help you reach, stretch and lunge over, under and around each obstacle!

Pay attention to your mental game
Hopefully you’re bagging some semi-consistent training now. That should give you confidence for the big day, but it’s worth adding some mental tactics to your process too.

Don’t let the day get the better of you! Visualise tough moments so that when they come, you’ll cope.

It’s often overlooked, but the power of visualisation is very real, particularly if this is your first OCR and you’re a little nervous. Close your eyes and picture what the day will look like and how you’ll feel in various situations – in the water, caked in mud or hanging from a monkey bar. When you visualise the day, ensure you’re in a happy place and relishing the challenge with a broad smile on your face.

Make your training slightly uncomfortable
It’s no secret, you’re going to be scaling obstacles wet and muddy, so if you can replicate this in training, the day may be more enjoyable than if it’s your first time wearing soggy trainers and shorts!

If you’ve yet to enter the South West’s premier obstacle course race – the Battle of Lansdown – get a group of friends together and ENTER HERE. We give a discount to group entries so hurry before all the waves sell out!

OCR Training – 5 Beginner Tips

We are delighted to have taken over the running of the Battle of Lansdown. Our first edition will take place on Saturday 30th March (ENTER HERE), and we look forward to adding our professionalism to an already well-established, hugely popular event.

The Battle of Lansdown attracts many first-time obstacle course races, and we wanted to help those newbies with a few initial training tips.
Let us know if you find them handy – if you do, we’ll add more! So, let’s get stuck in…

Break your rhythm
An OCR like the Battle of Lansdown is very stop-start, unlike ‘normal’ running races. You need to train for this! It’s simple to do: on a run, just once you’ve found a comfortable pace, stop! Maybe do a couple of press-ups or squats and then crack on.

Do this a few times throughout the run, forcing yourself to break your rhythm even when you don’t want to. It’s surprisingly hard at first but will become easier with practice.

Get a grip
Many obstacles will require hand and grip strength. You don’t need to be a pull-up guru to get through a course but developing the ability to “hang out” will benefit you on the big day.

Use a doorway, pullup bar or even the monkey bars at the playground and develop your hand and forearm strength by gradually increasing the amount of time you can hang for.

Hit the hills
Strength is a big factor when it comes to obstacle course racing. Whether you’re climbing a travellator or ascending a rope net, the ability to repeatedly lift your weight is crucial.

Run on hilly trails, do hill repeats and add squats to your exercise routine just a couple of times per week. Focus on strengthening your quads, hamstrings and glutes and you’ll not only have a more enjoyable day at the event but will also reduce your risk of injury.

Don’t neglect the long run
Even though an OCR is mainly about the obstacles, don’t neglect run training.

An obstacle course race may “only” be 10km, but the time on feet and energy required is more akin to that of a longer race! Doing a fortnightly long run will build endurance, strength and mental toughness, all of which will help you on the day. Plus, the cardiovascular gains are always welcome.

Train with a group
As with any event, training can get boring and lonely at times. Having a group to train with makes it much easier.

We’re in contact with a few local training outfits with whom we hope to start some training sessions, which we’ll share when we have more info!

Once you’ve read through this and are confident you can tackle an OCR in 2019, get a group of friends together and enter one of the south’s premier obstacle course races, the Battle of Lansdown.

Competitor Stories – Lesley Barry

“I started running in May 2016 as a complete novice through a C25k course with run4life.  I was amazed at how quickly my fitness improved and on the final week we all ‘graduated’ at the local parkrun.  I fell in love with running, I was a regular at parkrun and entered my first 10k at the end of the year.  Running massively improved both my physical and mental health, I’d never felt so well and was  completely shocked when I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in May 2017.  I was determined to keep running as much as possible throughout my treatment  and my running family were amazingly supportive, no matter how slow I was. I remained a regular at parkrun, running, walking or volunteering when I could.  I decided to celebrate beating cancer by running ten 10k races in 2018.  My first was Frenchay 10k which I ran with my friend Kacie – it was very hilly but I was thrilled to complete it.  My final one was at Westonbirt House on Sunday and I was thrilled to end my challenge with mulled wine and a mince pie in such a beautiful location”.

Competitor Stories – Dougal Campbell

Anyone who ran the Chilly 10k last month will have been hard-pushed to miss Elmo running. The man behind the costume is Dougal Campbell, and he’s on a mighty mission.

“The Chilly 10 will be my 25 race this year for MNDSCOTLAND which has included 4 marathons in 30 days. I been fundraising for them 2 years now.

All my medals are passed to MNDSCOTLAND to pass on to sufferers of Motor Neurone Disease.

I run as Elmo because as a charity runner you need to be noticed, and every finish will have a thumbs up to all MND Angels.”

If you would like to support Elmo and his amazing fundraising efforts please visit his JustGiving page below:

Westonbirt House Christmas 10k – Latest Sponsors News

The Westonbirt House Christmas 10k is fast approaching DB Maxers and so we’re very excited to share our latest news regarding our sponsors and partners below:

Specsavers Cirencester

Specsavers are delighted to be supporting The Westonbirt House Christmas 10k in 2018.

Why do so many people who wear glasses choose Specsavers? It’s simple – whether you are in store or online they offer an unbeatable combination of style, value for money and expertise…..

You can be sure to find the glasses that are just right for you – their catalogue of over 1,000 glasses are the widest selection in the UK. They are always sourcing the latest materials and following fashions from around the world to bring you an unequalled choice – the latest trends, designer labels, materials, colours and frame shapes.


Pulsin are a local based UK company who go above and beyond to deliver highly nutritious foods that transform everyday eating occasions into health-optimising opportunities.  Each product range has been crafted and nurtured by Ben, Nick and Simon – three university friends who, for the past decade, have shared their view that all people, of all ages, should be able to eat healthy foods without compromising on taste.

The nutritious Pulsin bars will be on hand to fuel DB Maxers at the finish line. The place to look for a special post-race treat! Plus look out for a very festive Max the Monkey who will be handing out Pulsin kids bars in and around the finish area.

For all the low down on the great-tasting Pulsin bars, check out their website at


Up and Running, Cheltenham

Our running event retail partner Up & Running will be hosting their on-site shop and will have a selection of quality products for runners. They specialise in running shoes, running clothes and running accessories, with products from today’s key running brands and will be bringing lot’s of sale shoes for those last minute Christmas gifts.

With more than 21 years of running retail experience, they never stop thinking about you the runner and your running needs. They will be happy to offer DB Maxers expert advice and to help you choose the gear that’s right for you. They will be providing our category prizes.


Big Bobble Hats

Having spent many years trying to find the perfect bobble hat both on the ski slopes and the great outdoors, the first set of hats were worn on a trip to Les Arc and this was when Big Bobble Hats was born. All the beanie bobble style hats are designed in Scotland. Big Bobble Hats have very generously offered our prize winners one of their awesome hats or funky socks. Also you may be one of the lucky ones to be picked out for a spot prize at the finish.

They will have many styles and colours available to choose from on the day. So if you need to get your head in the game, these hats are perfect at keeping your ears and head warm from the  chilly weather. All the hats are one size and can be purchased for £20 or two for £35. They will also have some funky socks which retail at £5 each or 4 for £10 so a great ideal for stocking fillers . They are kindly providing prizes for some of the winners.

They will have a card reader for those that do not have cash on them.

They want all their customers to stand out, be bold, be bright and be seen. So why not show off your ‘Mojo’ with a big bobble hat.


Bosom Buddies

Bosom Buddies will to be supporting this event and have donated some prizes for the lucky winners and 10% off sales on the day. They will be bringing a wide range of British made sportsbras and sportswear to try. Sam from Bosom Buddies is passionate about ‘Fit’ not being a size, but a feeling and she has plenty of stock in plus sizes & various leg lengths. Feel free to browse and try on, as Sam will be there to give you expert advice if required.

The Physio Clinic, Bristol

2018 is rapidly coming to a close, but it’s all systems go at The Physio Clinic Bristol. This is their 6th year supporting DB Max’s events, providing sports massage at several of our events and we are delighted that they are working with us again in 2019 on even more events. Next year’s schedule looks bigger and better than ever and its’s great that they will be part of the support team.

For those who don’t know, the Physio Clinic, Bristol are a private physiotherapy practice in North Bristol. Established in 2007 they are a multi room, multi practitioner clinic with a special interest in sports injuries, movement analysis and exercise rehabilitation. Their services range from assessment and diagnosis of injury, sports massage, strength and conditioning programming, to running analysis and rehabilitation.


Willis Brothers

Based in Malmesbury, this local fencing supplier is providing the beautiful Christmas trees that you see at the finish.

Portable Cross Country Jumps


We look forward to seeing you all at a very festive Westonbirt House. If you have booked in for lunch there is no strict dress code because after your run you may just want to put on some comfortable clothes! If you require a shower before lunch then they are available at the leisure centre which is on the premises, approx 500m from the house. Please enter the Great Hall (featured below) between 13:30 and 13:50, ready for the meal at 14:00. We look forward to seeing you for a festive lunch.



Race Letter – Westonbirt House Christmas 10K 16th December 2018

It’s the Westonbirt House Christmas 10k on Sunday 16th December DB Maxers!

The race now in its second year is held in association with Specsavers of Cirencester, and is once again a sell out at the stunning Gloucestershire venue.

Please click and read your race letter here carefully prior to race day. Race bibs and timing chips have been posted out to you. If you have been a transfer due to the original postponement of the event you will collect your race bib from registration on the day of the race.

The race line-up and live result pages are available at Westonbirt House Christmas 10k Results.

Please check your details very carefully and email your Race Timer, if there are any errors – this is very important as if you race with incorrect details (gender, category, club), you will be disqualified.

Please note that there are no transfers and no day entries.

Things to remember for race day:

  • Don’t forget it is December and the weather could be somewhat unpredictable. Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions on the day.
  • You cannot run with someone else’s number. Anyone found doing so will be disqualified immediately, reported to the ARC and banned from any DB Max event for 12 months.
  • There are no day entries available.
  • There are no refunds, deferrals or transfers at this stage as per our T&C’s.

That’s all for now folks. Good luck with your final race preparations and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday 16th December. 

Competitor Stories – George Walmesley

George Walmesley – we were delighted to have you run the Chilly 10k with us a couple of weeks ago. Here’s why George is running…

“I’m running for my friends daughter Torri who is 8 and has Leukemia. She is fighting to enjoy every moment of normal life with her friends and school while enduring chemotherapy.

I’m running the London marathon in a team for her and her family as it’s a small thing I can do, running and training and raising what I can to make a big difference for children with Cancer.”

Please show support for the work George is doing, and of course Torri, here:

DB Max and Wiltshire Air Ambulance

We are delighted to announce that Wiltshire Air Ambulance will be our Charity of the Year for 2019.

To get a real idea of the work they do, it’s worth sharing a few stats:

  • At time of writing (early December), they have been on 717 missions
  • They average just 11 minutes to reach the scene of an incident
  • They’re operational for up to 19 hours per day
  • They can scramble in 2 minutes
  • They carry two units of O-Negative blood
  • On average, they undertake three potentially life-saving missions each day
  • From their base a couple of miles from us in Melksham, they can reach:
    • Swindon in 7 minutes
    • Salisbury in 7 minutes
    • Bath in 5 minutes
    • Marlborough in 6 minutes

To achieve the above they require £3.25 million per year, which equates to £8,904 per day to function as a unit.

We’ll be partnering at events next year to encourage fundraising efforts. We’ll also be implementing a donation suggestion button on some our event entry pages (which is, of course, totally voluntary).

Air Ambulance mascot Marsha was supporting at the Chilly 10k last month, and we look forward to seeing more of their team at DB Max events next year.

To see what amazing work they do, please visit

Pulsin and DB Max – #finishwithabar

At DB Max, we’re passionate about health and fitness and bringing large communities together as fun, inclusive and professionally organised events.

Our aim is to encourage as big an audience as possible (from as diverse range of population as possible) to our events. We want to challenge, inspire and encourage healthy living.

Pulsin occupy very similar territory.

Creators of highly nutritious foods, their mission is to “Embrace the natural rhythm of life”. This feeds into their protein powders and snack range which are packed full of natural, wholesome ingredients.

Whether you lead a busy work-life and want to a healthy mid-afternoon snack or are a triathlete in search of a protein-packed bar with ingredients you can pronounce, Pulsin have you covered.

On that note, we’re delighted to officially announce Pulsin as our nutrition partner for the whole of 2019.

Pulsin say,

We are delighted to be the Official Nutrition Sponsors of DB Max races and events for 2019! Our participation in a number of 2018 events has been so beneficial and we received great support and feedback from the DB Max team. We are looking forward to a blossoming relationship in this coming year, as well as taking part in the exciting new races & challenges that the team have planned”.

Heading into 2019, you can expect Pulsin to be ever-present at our events, with samples galore for you to try (careful though, you may get hooked) and we’ll be sharing lots of their super content from training tips and nutritional advice to tasty recipes and inspiring stories.

Welcome to the team, Pulsin. Here’s to 2019!

Competitor Stories – Bradley Moore

Bradley Moore tackled the Chilly 10k this November and ran as part of the Brigstowe team.

“As a clinical nurse specialist in the Bristol (Brecon) HIV team, I see and value the huge support and help the Brigstowe charity provide to those living with HIV in the Bristol and surrounding area.

The Brecon team often refer service users to Brigstowe for use of a number of their services. Whether this is for general advice and support or the use of excellent programmes and schemes such as peer support (for newly diagnosed individuals) and the migration and asylum service, we always receive positive feedback and see the positive impacts this support has on individuals and their lives.”

Click here to read more about Brigstowe.