Bib Tag Systems

Bib Tag Timing Systems
The BibTag is a lightweight UHF based RFID timing tag. BibTags are adhesive and can easily be stuck to the back of bib numbers. A foam spacer is placed between the BibTag and the bib number to ensure the tag will be read under all conditions.

Runners only need to attach the bib number to their shirts like they are already used to doing – no instructions are needed. BibTags are disposable and do not need to be collected after each race. In other words: minimal pre-race handling, no post-race handling and ease of use for participants and race organisers.

bib-tag-timing-systems-0210 reasons to choose MYLAPS BibTag

  • Minimal pre-race handling
  • Fewer instructions to participants
  • Modular mats with anti-slip (IAAF)
  • BibTag on runner’s chest (IAAF)
  • No post-race handling
  • Easy to transport and operate
  • High-quality UHF technology
  • Wireless cellular connectivity
  • High accuracy
  • Weatherproof
Bib Tag Timing Systems

The BibTag Portable Decoder contains best-in-class UHF readers for processing high-density signals and filtering out noise.