Competitor Stories – Vic Spain


I come from a running background and loved completing the big city marathons. About 12 years ago a friend got me interested in triathlon and after doing a couple of Olympic distance events I was hooked. Unfortunately my world was then turned upside down when I became very ill and I was diagnosed with M.E.

For 5 years I had no energy and could do nothing, but I always held on to the hope that I would eventually make a recovery as I had read other testimonials from fellow sufferers. Thankfully I am one of the lucky ones and gradually I have slowly recovered. I have over the last 5 years slowly and carefully built up my training. I started doing local sprint races, then local Olympic distance and 2 years ago completed my first middle distance which was chosen for its flat course. Last year I completed 2 middle distances:  Cotswolds and Vitruvian. My aim this year was to complete 3 middle distance Cotswolds, Dartford and Weston with your race being the main event.

Unbelievably I had a really bad bike crash whilst out on a training ride in March and broke my right arm. I needed 2 lots of surgery and a metal plate fitted so I missed Cotswolds in June but still went and marshalled to cheer my mates on. I still managed to keep my training going by spending hours on the turbo trainer and actually set a new PB at Dartford !

I chose Titan Weston because it looked like a proper tough race and I was be very happy to just get around.

My ultimate aim is to complete a full distance event next year.

Competitor Stories – Terry Davis


In 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer and our whole world fell apart. Thankfully, with treatment at the Bristol Oncology Centre, I was able to beat it and now have regular check ups and am on a program called living with cancer.

Throughout my treatment, I maintained a very positive mental attitude, during the cancer treatment I looked for things with a positive message to share. My family and friends liked the messages I would share on Facebook- they could relate to it, and it really gave me a good feeling to know I was helping people. I’ve even had people say thank you to me- it helps!

This December I will  turn 60, and to celebrate this milestone, I set about taking on 60 sponsored events to raise money for the Above & Beyond and the BHOC.

Currently I am on 39 events, which has included the DB Max Westonbirt Triathlon, a number of 5K Park Runs, flying a plane, a mixed hockey match, mixed netball match , Pirate day in Bristol, walking the yard arm on the SS Great Britain, a VIP Tour of Bristol Old Vic, the Bristol 10k, an interview about PMA 60 Events for 60 Year events & Above & Beyond on BCFM Radio 93.2, and a charity golf day. My criterion for an event is “anything out of the ordinary”.

When I took part in the DB Max event in Portishead that was events 41-42-43.

My wife Jayne has been right behind him, and on occasions even right by my side, having also taken part in one of the races. She thinks I am mad but she is supporting me 100%!”Also We want to give back to those that gave to us when we needed it.

To celebrate my 60th birthday I am having a big Garden Party at Keynsham Rugby Club was an open event with bouncy castle for adults and children face painting, nail painting, food and music.

In September the pace continues  with the Chew Valley Fest, a great festival weekend of food, music and camping, where Above & Beyond are one of the supported charities.

I am involved with  a charity boxing match on 10th September. The 60 events will culminate in December with the Weston Christmas Cracker, an annual 10km race in the seaside town of Weston Super-Mare.

Above & Beyond have been really supportive the whole way, providing me with fundraising materials and t-shirts, messages of good luck, support at some of the events and generally just spurring me along.

PMA is now a way of life hence why I was doing the DB Max event in Portishead, & I cannot wait to do the DB Max Westonbrit Triathlon one again, that event was one of my highlights of events this year.

Terry Davis: PMA 60 Events for 60 Years “PMA = Positive Mental Attitude”

Competitor Stories – Paul Westaway and Kerrie Reed



Running may have saved my life!

At the age of  50 out of the blue I had a stroke which in no part was due to my sedentary lifestyle. Luckily there was no permanent physical damage but I had to learn to walk again step by step due to the part of the brain that was affected. When I left hospital I was told if I did not take up some form of exercise I would have another stroke within 12 months that could kill me. So with 6 months off work I was signed up by the hospital to a gym especially for people who were recovering from a stroke & then after that I started walking then jogging then the odd day running & the rest is history. After joining a running club which was Bitton road runners, who would of thought I would end up doing 2 marathons including London within 5 years & now after suffering a recent Achilles injury I am just starting back enjoying my running & cycling again together with Kerrie Reed. Who along with the running club encouraged me to train hard & keep going even through the bad times by sticking to our training plan. After first meeting up during club runs we still stick together & meet up to do all our runs despite her traumatic accident in 2015 & we both completed the Westonbirt 10K together. We are both building ourselves back up & who knows what the next 5 years will bring. Triathlon,  Ultra-marathon ?? If you don’t try it you will never know.


Running saved my life!

2o14 was a fantastic running year for me – racing once a month and getting personal bests from 5k to half marathon so I decided to train for a marathon. I trained hard and completed Manchester marathon.

I was struck down with Glandular Fever (GF) during marathon training but so pleased looking back I carried on to complete the marathon at limited capacity.

To add to the GF in 2o15 I was out running at reduced capacity as I was still recovering from GF when a ‘Blackthorn’ penetrated into the top of my foot all the way through, a week later I was omitted to hospital and ended up with sepsis (blood poisoning) which almost ended my life and could of lost me my right foot.

Doctors said that my fitness levels through running at this time actually saved my life!

When I was able to walk again without pain I started with a minute run and a minute walk increasing each week my running time by a minute and now I am very happy to report I am now back to 10K 😉 it’s been the hardest thing I have ever done but I’m not one for giving up and I am determined to get back to where I was (in good time) and once fully recovered from both illnesses ;).

I know I have a long way to go but the fun and good memories i have from before the illnesses keeps me motivated to keep running and the fact that running saved my life!

I’d like to say a Special thanks to my good friend and training partner Paul Westaway for joining me on my return – he’s been a rock!

Competitor Stories – Charlie Bull


I started running just after the Olympics 2012, inspired to go back to sport, then did a few mountain bike events ( Tour de Moor for St. Luke’s Hospice in Plymouth and Devon Dirt).

I thought I could do a triathlon so in July 2014 I did my first at 46 yrs old. Unfortunately on December 24th 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a mastectomy, chemo, radiotherapy and finished my herceprin injections in May 2016.

I have a good sense of humour, so I joked that removing body parts is a bit extreme way to go, just to improve your running times due to weight loss and streamlining.

I was only running for a medal at the Westonbirt 10K but it helps mentally to hang a medal up.

Competitor Stories – Basil Miles


It was great to be part of the inaugural Westonbirt House 10k. I have entered the ballot for the London marathon and it is my intention to run a marathon in my 80th year.

My first sport was rugby football which I played at school and club level until an injury in my early 30s prevented me from continuing to play. I became involved in U/19(Colts) rugby at County and England level until I moved to Wiltshire from Surrey in 2000.

After a couple of years I joined my local gym PD Fitness Malmesbury. Once a year they persuaded members to take part in the Chippenham 5K river run. I took part on a couple occasions but was required to have a hip replacement in 2006. Following the operation I continue to attend the gym.

I 2009 I was persuaded once again to do the river run and also the following year. I have always been competitive and was very disappointed with my time in 2010. I look for ways to improve my time and discovered Parkrun at Lydiard Park Swindon and begun running on most Saturday mornings. After about 3 months I got to know one or two other runners and it was suggested I should join one of the local running clubs Slinn Allstars in Swindon. That was the start of my racing and I had got the bug at the age of 75. Since then I have completed both the Great North and Great South runs, 6 half marathons including Bath Reading Bournemouth and Rhyl some 40 10ks including Madrid, Swindon and Longleat and hopefully later this year Majorca. I have also run the Malmesbury 10k which is organised by DB Max.

I am fortunate that my Gym and Club have given me every encouragement and support since I started running at what some people think is late age.

Competitor Stories – Mark Bamford


I ran the Westonbirt 10K as part of  my training plans before I take on The Great South Coast Challenge 100k in 24hrs. We are raising funds for CLIC Sargent after the help they gave us when my son, Tristan was diagnosed with cancer back in 2007. Now 9 years on Tristan has been given the all clear so what better way to celebrate.

It all started back in November 2007 when our 9-week old son was diagnosed with a cancer called neuroblastoma. Unfortunately, he had complications and had to undergo chemo and spend time in intensive care in John Radcliffe hospital Oxford. After his first lot of chemo he suffered another setback by getting an infection which resulted in him having to stop chemo, after a few days of treating the infection things started to begin to turn in our favour and he began to recover and his body started to fight the cancer and slowly break it down.

A few days before Christmas after being taught how to care for Tristan at home they allowed us to take him home for his first Christmas and every day he got stronger and stronger. At the age of 9, we have been given that fantastic news that he has been cleared and signed off their books and will no longer need to be seen.

While going through all of this from the beginning CLIC were there from day one with visits from their team for a chat to financial support if needed and just there in general for our son and just as much for us.

I want this to be the thank you they deserve and what better way than to raise as much as possible to support this wonderful charity and enable them to do what they do best and continue to help families in the future.

Competitor Stories – Hazel Duncan


I’m 35, and a few years back, I decided it was time to improve my health a bit. So to start with I gave up smoking. Of course that added a bit of weight and I was already overweight.

At my heaviest I reached 18.5 stone, which just tipped me into the morbidly obese category, I think that was the kick I needed to do something about it. My mum gave me her old mountain bike and I started cycling to work, about 11km each way.

I figured I wanted to take up a challenge to keep the momentum going. I’ve always been a strong swimmer and I scuba dive so I’m used to the wetsuit, with the cycling, a triathlon seemed like the ideal choice.

I took up running to round out the list and did a couple of 10kms with DBMax (the Nov and Feb chillys). So when I saw the 51Fiver, with the lovely clean lake up there I figured what the heck.

Now I’m 7.5 stone lighter and fitter than I think I’ve ever been.

The finish was so much better than I could ever have hoped for, I’m already looking for my next event!

Oh yeah, and my car broke down on the way to the event and I had to get my mum to come and rescue me – made it to registration at 6.50!

See you next year 🙂

Competitor Stories – John Ord


DB Max #51fiver triathlon was part of a process I set myself to regain and surpass the fitness and endurance I had before my illness in Jan 2013.

I contracted a chest infection, which, due to a splenectomy 8 years previously, developed into septicaemia and later DIC (Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation), a serious disorder in which the proteins that control blood clotting become over active. I wasn’t expected to endure that first night & was induced into a coma the following day & for four days the staff of Fairfield Hospital ICU worked tirelessly to save my life. I spent a further two weeks in the ICU and later lost the tips of several toes, due to the drugs i had to be given to in order to keep me alive.Ironically, one of the reasons given for my survival that night was the fact i was in peak physical condition due to training for my first triathlon! Three years down the line my health is restored due entirely to the medical team & staff at the hospital.

Overall I’d say that triathlon gives me the best chance of being what I call “fit for life”. I get an all round body fitness, enough variety to keep me interested long term, a mix of environments with the water and land, and a healthy dose of adrenaline and endorphin’s thrown in for free.

Competitor Stories – Tristan Jones

Tristan Jones finishing Titan Brecon 2016

I’m doing a number of various challenges, marathons, half marathons, triathlons and cycles in order to raise money for the Scoliosis Campaign Fund (SCF). I myself suffered from Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and know all too well the difficulties it can have.

I also know that nobody who’s had Scoliosis has undertaken these challenges I’m currently undergoing, especially having gone reconstructive surgery on their spine so completing the Titan Brecon was a huge achievement for myself and to my knowledge something hasn’t been done before.

In addition to SCF. I’m here representing The Enfys Foundation of Redkite Law LLP. I chair the fundraising wing of the firm and am trying to raise money for good causes through inter firm activities.